chinese medical journal
Chinese Medical Journal (Chinese Medical Journal) (CN: 11-2154 / R, ISSN: 0366-6999) is the China Medical Association, founded in 1887, a fortnightly, China only in SCI core version included, with more than a century history of medical journals. The focus of reports of medical disciplines latest developments and high-level scientific research is an important window of China's medicine with the world.
"Chinese Medical Journal," the history of growth and advance of our medical records and testimony. With the continuous improvement of the influence of the magazine, the contributions amount to 30% speed increase. Manuscript sources in addition to over 20 domestic provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government, but also from the United States, Britain, Japan, Germany, France and more than 20 countries and regions. In April 2010, the magazine was selected as an international medical journal editorial board members, gained wide recognition and acceptance of international counterparts. Has been the international well-known database of more than 20 species included, including the Science Citation Index (SCI), Index Medicus (IM), MEDLINE, "Chemical Abstracts (CA)", "Biomedical Abstracts (BA), Netherlands, Excerpta Medica (EM) "Russia's Digest magazine (AJ) and other internationally renowned retrieval system. In recent years, SCI impact factor and total citation frequency of the constant increase in the 2009 SCI impact factor 0.952, SCI cited the frequency of 3407.
1992 Year of the country three ministries and the national first prize for outstanding scientific and technical journals, the first prize of China Association for outstanding academic journals. China Association for outstanding scientific and technological journals Award in 1993. 1997 by the countries of the three ministries of the Second National second prize of outstanding scientific and technical journals and the first prize of China Association for outstanding scientific and technical journals. 1997, 1998 for three consecutive years by the China Association for outstanding journal preferred maximum grant award. 1999, the State Press and Publication Administration issued the first National Journal Award and the National Natural Science Foundation of journal special funding. 2002 3rd China Association for outstanding scientific and technical journals second prize and special funding, as well as the National Journal Award key scientific journals Award. Since 2003 has won the China Association for Science and the National Natural Science Foundation Committee of the Special Fund, and the China Association for Science and Technology Outstanding Paper Award.
Established their own websites in 1997, 2002 full-text online, the introduction of OA publishing; November 2003, with links to PubMed database; 2007 using the online manuscript processing system, all authors need from online submission; the end of 2009 the introduction of the ScholarOne online peer review system for International Submission. Multiple consecutive national title of "100 outstanding academic journals.
Almost all papers since 2000, can be downloaded free of charge from the site. In recent years, through the efforts of the entire editorial board and editorial department staff, the economic benefits of the magazine has also made significant changes to achieve the target of "double effect, love the magazine. Journal of internationalization will be the direction of future efforts.

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