chinese medicine books
     Recommended self-study Chinese in the initiation stage, take the following learning methods:
More than one read a biography of Chinese predecessors, and their discourse on learning articles. They walked the streets look clumsy, in fact, often is the traditional Chinese medicine and best way to get started. More to the older generation to learn from their learning, help will be very large. Strongly recommended a book: the name of the old road of Chinese medicine. Familiar with over three times this book is not only learning method can suddenly see the light, you can learn a lot of these old gentleman valuable learning experience, clinical experience in this process.
2 good and extensive network of resources. Today's information age, has the door of the school is largely open. Any one person in any corner, can be relatively easy opportunity to Chinese institutions of teacher learning to watch the video of their lectures, and all free. This study, than not in the classroom environment, listening to the face to impart more feeling than the dead reading this total stronger.
The choice of 3 materials to be both authoritative and interesting on two principles. Learning is naturally inseparable from the teaching materials and reference books. Teaching materials, or advocate the regular full-time teaching material. Each book are dozens of experts strictly authoritative is the best. As for the version, individuals tend to the Seventh Edition of teaching materials. In addition to acupuncture and moxibustion, the overall level of seven version of the materials is very high. If you want refined, Fifth Edition textbook is also a good choice. Interesting reference is self-essential flavoring agent. Can make learning more fun and less tedious. Feel more popular health care book: "Human Manual", "doctor is better to seek to have", and "novel traditional Chinese medicine, etc., in the theoretical framework, with the regular college camp there are many differences, but as spices, enough competent. In addition, the "think Chinese medicine," a book more focus on the interpretation of traditional Chinese medicine theory play, there are many insights. Spare friends Readings.
    In addition, several books in Chen Hsiu-Yuan Medical herd recorded, Medical really "easy to understand, you can also look at.

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