chinese meditation
Saw this topic, you will immediately think of meditation mouth of a brand medication or even "immediately" on here is a little slow, I do not blame you, blame it too many advertisements, with money advertising time, and then over and over again ad encroachment on the word "meditation" almost all the imagination and cognitive. Mentioned that "meditation" on the thought of meditation Liquid ".
However, this time I referred to as "meditation", you have to take good care of, we want to belong to each of us "meditation" to recapture. Not only menopausal women need to meditate, In fact, each of us the moment of the Chinese people need to quietly heart, I believe you should be deeply agree. Just on the road, when my colleagues and I talked about when we are prepared to easy transit to participate in an activity, a passer quickly looked up at us one, which is the heart is not quiet, he certainly thought the two men do, but also that easy transit to invite to participate in the program, certainly bragging, or easy transit powerful, people everywhere, please. In fact, that he was not even see that we are a not, he just heard these words, think of the easy transit of good and bad on, or simply ignore us and think of other things. However, he can not, because his heart is not quiet, he may every day thinking of how fame and fortune.
Are mild heart is not static, severe, such as gambling, stock speculation in the property, robbery, intent on getting rich, selling fake drugs, see Qian Wang Yi, money-oriented, with mild and severe increases how there are hundreds of millions of people. Hundreds of millions of heart is not static, this is what a big business opportunity? Businesses can develop meditation tea, meditation snacks "meditation car, meditation book, meditation part meditation exercises" meditation room "," meditation movie "meditation training course." .
 The Guoxue mentor TRADITIONAL said: "In our society a certain heart to be static, because the outside world is moving, how to system this move? You have to inaction, so" I "talk is called static and they have to the extreme, who the quietest? we say that the baby is quiet, but the baby in his static among his vitality is strongest, so do not look him calm down, a lot of people think I am quiet, I do nothing, rest, it actually did not mean that the great wisdom of them able to open this static, static common to talk about in our history, this can also be used in our health, for example, we are not very impulsive? time how to do? every day you can find four hour, take the four hour, 23:00 to 1:00 11:00 to 1:00, 5:00, 7:00, 17:00 to 7:00, to find four hour of the two of them in one hour, into the static so we stress the need to sleep the child to nap, is the hour of midnight when about to fall asleep, when yin and yang, the transfer time, noon, when is the yin and yang, the transfer time, so and afternoon 11:00 to 1:00 in the evening, the two hour must rest. the remaining two the best time you have to practice practice practice Jing Gong, the case of static, so that his heart slowly calm down. nature of the work of the people quiet, but his mentality is impatient, so we have to reverse to do, how to reverse do? action exercise you want to move, but my heart is necessary to quiet the above, this is the "I" of wisdom. "
Zhang then say never. I can say it the rest of a: in the vast majority of people is not static, "calm" has become the most valuable and scarce resources, who grasp and make good use of the "mind" grasps the wealth and happiness. Static heart, fame emptiness; a quiet heart, good unsolicited.

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