chinese the mental health association
Association of the nature of

Voluntary registered and established in accordance with the law, psychology, medicine, sociology, education, academia and other scientists with interdisciplinary, cross-industry characteristics, is to promote mental health in China science and technology development and improve the quality of social forces, is a bridge and link of science and technology workers in the party and government.
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Association for the purpose of 

Unity of the mental health science, psychology, medicine, sociology, education, academia and other scientists to conduct mental health education, scientific research, academic exchange, to promote the prosperity and development of the mental health of science and technology, outreach mental health knowledge to develop children sound personality of young people, maintaining and improving the people's level of mental health and social adaptability, improve moral standards, prevention of mental illness, and prevention of psychosomatic diseases, promote the popularization and promotion of mental health science and technology, to promote mental health in order to improve the psychological quality of the whole people. In the activities undertaken to comply with the constitution, laws, regulations and national policies, adhere to democratic principles, and fully develop academic democracy and the socialist material and spiritual civilization.
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Organizational structure

China Association for Mental Health → executive director of the National Congress → Council → → Organizational Committee, the Academic Exchange Committee, the Continuing Education Committee, edited and published the Working Committee, the science working committee, the secretariat of the Working Committee of the foreign exchange → → Professional Committee and chapters: adolescent mental Professional Committee of Psychosomatic Medicine Committee, Children's Mental Health Professional Committee, Professional Committee of the special occupational groups, the elderly mental health professional committees, Psychological Counseling of the Professional Committee of psychotherapy and counseling professional committees, psychological assessment Professional Committee various provinces of the Hospice Professional Committee, Women's Health and Development Committee, crisis intervention, professional committees, care psychological Professional Committee, the Mental Health of Persons with Disabilities Branch, Professional Committee of Morita therapy applications, traffic branch, branch of coal, petroleum and petrochemical branch railway branch → autonomous regions and municipalities, local associations or societies → heart health magazine, Chinese Journal of Clinical Psychology, Journal of Health Psychology, Psychology and Health magazine.

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