chinese Meridian health analysis system
Objective: To investigate the body of the twelve meridians viscera table consistency relationships and trend. : Viscera theory of meridian and Western bio-energy detection, quantitative expression technology, automatically given to the ETS test reports on the corresponding meridian energy region are the same or adjacent as consistency criteria and counted. Results: 2594 cases subjects men and women, lung and large intestine, spleen and stomach, heart and small intestine, kidney and bladder, pericardium and triple burner, liver and gall bladder of the table relations in line with the rate of consultation for the 74.67% 54.05% 65.69% , 57.79%, 54.47%, 58.17%, viscera table consistency of the relationship between ancient medical account is objective and scientific basis, but vary the degree of consistency in all meridians. Conclusion: ETS as a human physical and mental health status objective, and a whole new evaluation means to reveal the body's health - health - disease, there is a good prospect.

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