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On pollution caused by China, Apple began to take remedial measures
Although Apple pollution lightest business in China is not, but it is willing to extend an olive branch to the Chinese government, and propose solutions for pollution problems.
In yesterday's Wall Street Journal "China's environmental protection department heads mentioned that the environmental problems caused by supply chain that Apple has tackled to eliminate their concerns. According to reports, Apple promised to investigate the 15-polluting parts suppliers, strengthening the protection of suppliers surrounding environment detection.
Ma Jun of China's environmental protection, told the Wall Street Times "reporter said:" Apple's approach is a big step forward on these suppliers before Apple's proposed requirements, pollution problems to develop a governance program, set period, followed by Apple on all measures have been implemented to verify.
Apple's environmental pollution problems has been the thorny issue of all companies. However, after the summer, the Chinese Government to Apple issued a notice of up to 46 claims that Apple's suppliers in the past has been trying to cover up the environmental pollution caused by Apple have guessed the minefield of the Chinese Government . 
Chinese public environmental associations at the time the notice stated: "Apple parts suppliers to exclude a large number of pollutants in a serious threat to public health and safety." And also mentioned in the notice issued in the United States, California Cupertino Apple headquarters have tried to violate the law to reap huge profits.
Apple this does not deny the called company is to supply partners can have a higher sense of social responsibility.
Apple mentioned in the Reuters interview: "We require that all suppliers can provide their employees with a safe working environment, respect for employees, and be able to shoulder the responsibility of environmental protection in production."
Coincidentally, Apple not only in China, got him into trouble in other places is the same struggle. Last week, Greenpeace released a green electronics companies rank, Apple out of 10 is 0, the ranking of the main basis for the implementation of clean energy policies, procurement documents and the use of recyclable plastic. From this data we can see that the organization believes that Apple to avoid conflict minerals, and sale of energy efficient products and to eliminate use of hazardous materials, doing a great job. Despite the color, Apple's rankings only to fourth in the first three are the Hewlett-Packard, Dell and Nokia.
However, in China, the government most are not concerned about the products which parts. Now that Apple has agreed to its suppliers to investigate, then the Chinese government hopes to Apple after the company more transparent.
"The Wall Street Journal interview, Ma said:" transparency and urge polluters to shoulder to deal with pollution responsibility for Apple's still a long way to go. "
Tech News Apple to make the evaluation, this does not make a timely response.

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