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The day before yesterday, the Law School of China University of Political Science and Bing microblogging broke the news that many elderly cows rely on hormones to milk. Farmers to cure cows due to excessive milking caused by inflammation of the breast, and let the cows injected with large doses of antibiotics ... so only a few brands of milk to drink. In this regard, the users worry about the domestic milk really can not drink? To this end, the reporter yesterday interviewed a number of professionals.
Expert: hormones must be inspected by temporary non-
Earlier, there were consumers reported that they suspect that certain brand of milk caused baby precocious puberty. The reporter had an interview with Sun Yat-sen University toxicology professor, deputy director of the Provincial Disease Prevention and Control Center, Food Safety Expert Committee, Yang Xingfen Yang Xingfen from the case, hormones like endocrine disrupting chemicals in the living environment there less, from food or environmental analysis. Yang Xingfen proposal Anyone who suspects a precocious child, due early the pediatric inquiry, and a high index of suspicion of food such as water, drinks, milk powder suspended or replacement of other brands, and further treatment. Senior dairy Wang Ding, cotton was said that the hormones in dairy products is not yet will be seized items.

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