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Purui Ding produced in the United States Purui Ding test the power of God is not the same, it specifically for the candidates, the candidates developed a new generation of brain hormone, not only provides a wealth of DHA, but also to optimize the brain environment to ensure that the supplementary brain nutrition, the brain is able to quickly and fully to be "absorbed" Therefore, the role of its entrance examination refreshing Bunao very obvious!
U.S. Purui Ding is the world's leading health care products companies Purui Ding produced in the domestic selling Purui Ding carnitine Purui Ding Colostrum powder, and it's influence is widening! Purui Ding The company has developed the production as a NASDAQ listed company, health care products, nutrients reach the thousands, each product by the U.S. FDA safety certification is based on the nature of high-quality health and world-renowned of health care products giant.
Concerned about the huge potential of the health care market of the Chinese college entrance examination Bunao Purui Ding enormous amounts of money to develop test the power of God brain hormone, so that it contains DHA to 70% of the total nutrients. Moreover, DHA is extracted from deep-sea pollution-free fish who is very pure, not only that, but also the use of high-tech means, further refined for DHA, so pure of DHA, more likely to be absorbed by the brain!
To Cory, God help students realize their dreams college entrance, Pu Ruiding company also uses the Western countries in Europe and America DHA memory formula "highly regarded, so that test the power of God made ​​according to the optimal activity ratio group side. Therefore, test the power of God at the same time complement the nutrition of the brain, can optimize the environment of the brain, clear brain cell metabolism waste materials, while promoting the brain synaptic developed, to activate nerve conduction function, allows the brain to absorb nutrients more quickly, also showed memory speed increment !

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