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 Air conditioning: the filter should be cleaned
    First of all, according to the instructions to remove the filter, remove the air conditioning filter, be careful not to touch the metal part of the indoor unit to prevent cut injuries. Then filter pat bomb or the use of electric vacuum cleaner dust. If the filter is too much dust, can be rinsed with water or soft brush dipped in a neutral detergent cleaning, cleaning when the water temperature shall not exceed 50 ° C, can not use washing powder, detergent, gasoline, bananas, water, etc., in order to avoid filter deformation.
    Also, do not use a sponge to clean, otherwise it will damage the surface of the filter. Rinse, dry with a soft cloth to put cool at the dry, attention Do not exposure or open fire in the stove, etc., drying in the sun.
    Drinking fountains: the most easy to filth
    The water dispenser is also the most likely to be one of the bacteria and microorganisms, the erosion of home appliances. Drinking fountains for cleansing and disinfection solution is also very easy to buy in large supermarkets, if not food grade citric acid can also act as cleaning and disinfection of the role.
    Clean drinking fountains first cut straight down into the machine upper part of smart power will be a bucket seat, open the hot tap and cold water faucet until the water after being released off the tap, then hands Pengzhu the barrel body upward to remove the bucket, then clean drinking fountains external and intelligent seat, 600ml special cleaning disinfectant poured into the water storage tank, open the hot and cold water tap until the disinfectant is done after 5-10 minutes and turn the machine back or bottom discharge valve to drain the disinfectant within the drinking fountains Finally, repeated washing with water or pure water several times.
    Fridge: not the old sponge to clean
    Refrigerator only slows down bacterial growth, but can not kill the bacteria. Raw meat and vegetables, above, has hidden a large number of E. coli and Salmonella can contaminate other foods in the refrigerator.
    Clean refrigerator available disinfectant wipe, but not with the old sponge, because that will only allow bacteria to a pleasant migration.
    Cutting board: hot water, detergent scrub
    Shelved after raw food, the bacteria stay in these cutting boards, and thrive. Shelved in the above other food, the bacteria will take this opportunity to enter the body, causing disease.
    Shelved raw food to be cleaned with disinfectant. Raw and cooked food using specialized cutting board, make a significant mark, you will not confuse them. A cutting board every time after using hot water and detergent to scrub, must not the easy way.
    Sofa and carpet: easy to gather dust mites
    Soft sofa and carpet are most likely to gather dust mites, moist air, they breed at an incredible rate, and release large amounts of allergens, causing nasal congestion, itchy eyes and sore throat.
    Festivals should do a thorough vacuuming. Bed sheets, quilt cover and pillow cleaning finished, scalded with boiling water.

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