Members of the public to the market to buy food, hobby buy suburbs farmers of vegetables, most of such vegetables is irrigated manure, pesticide residues.
Nanjing Agricultural University, Jiangsu Province Academy of Agricultural Sciences and other units of a new seminar, watering the vegetables of manure contamination by pathogenic microorganisms, but after tap water contamination landing.
Discuss staff to carry out testing on Chinese cabbage, radish, lettuce, celery and other vegetables. Results of detection to create, the more recent interval of fertilization time, more vegetables, the number of surface coliform, but the number of coliforms within the vegetables are not affected. The seminar staff of the Nanjing Agricultural College, 7 days watering fresh fecal vegetables are generally serious pollution, autumn and winter, spinach and carrots the most polluted, followed by Chinese cabbage, spring and summer, white radish is the most polluted.
Public tap water soaking, washing to certain results, which to wash in addition to the vegetable surface coliform results. In addition, the best kill the vegetable pathogen by immersion in boiling water. Significantly to land in the boiling water for 15 seconds allows the surface of vegetables the number of coliforms, leafy vegetables within the coliform bacteria by immersion in boiling water 30 to 45 seconds of basic kill, radish class internal coliforms by immersion in boiling water 60 seconds or more can completely kill.

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