Of course, this host is free of charge. There are many more long-term vision. Pay to become a regular dealer can have a more secure server. Therefore, some people make a pot of gold with a free host, direct pay provider to become a distributor. Is king, so that stability is of overriding importance. Course ~ their free web hosting is also very stable. At least I know, this free server has been in operation for 2 years, there is no collapse, it should be no problem. At least they are still profitable. So there is no collapse Oh. . I am optimistic. Oh! Beside the point, I will give you the functionality of this platform
Your own permissions
A background free opening account
Delete accounts, suspend the account upgrade account space and permissions
3 Package set (can add 100M-10G space), and database FTP account
Domain settings: your account can be set to the second level domain name, you can increase the five domain names as a second level domain
Language management: The site itself is only the English version, functional management: You can set the function of commercial space and free space.
Payment network: support PayPal payment platform. Of course, Taobao transaction
E-mail settings: When the registered user account or apply for space system will send an email to the user
This e-mail is in English.
SEO settings: set you free space advertising. Text and graphics
Welcome page: there will be after the opening of a default page! You can be made into advertising. As needed
10 control layout: an independent control layout, the original English
11 is similar to cpanel
These are your own authority. These permissions are completely free of charge. Free web hosting providers give you free space, you are just middlemen, profit, or 100 percent. You say to those who do cheap web hosting, earn earthshaking you can not dig treasure to sell space?
Next, we talk about. If the application of this platform. Then the provider will give you the interface, as
(1) a registration interface
User login interface
3 user feedback interface
(4) the password back interface
(5) payment gateway interface
User to control the layout style design! Background using CSS and DIV tag design.
With these you can create a Web site of the entity. The user can apply for your space.
Not only can you do fees space. You can also offer free space. Then look at your mood! Cool is not? ~ I feel so cool
Next, I tell you how to operate.
Is actually very simple, is to let everyone know that the price of your virtual host, very cheap, you can sell lower than the market price. And the server is pretty stable, speed is not bad. With the quality of the environment, you want a cheap host too much. But also a lot of soon collapse. Therefore, you need to have excellent marketing tool and a stable server. Server but also can enhance the quality better. Of course, this requires money. ! Of course, in the early webhost server is fully adequate, only time money can be N-10G
Space. Station group can. Of course, do not recommend the construction of the SE station. So that you can make money stable. Perhaps you have yet to understand how to make 100% profit, then I give you to be a diagram analysis
                  Hosting Plans 1 → 100 yuan ↘
                 ↗ Hosting Plans → 60 yuan ↘
To buy their own host - User → Hosting Plans → 80 → (sales methods) = 9999 +
                 To ↘ host packages → 60 yuan ↗
                   Hosting Plans N → 60 yuan ↗
Host = provider host platform! This virtual host platform is no ceiling. You can open an unlimited number of hosts. But the maximum limit is 10GB! If you need more. You can promote the assembly line. Can also be paid. As long as you use free hosting webhost to earn enough to 4000 yuan. I'll help you purchasing the commercial version of the host. The commercial version is very to the power Oh. Unfortunately, if purchased. You need mid-purchase. The commercial version is the year paid. Of course to make money depends on how your vision. . Think about it. If you are one week to buy out the 20 and 100 yuan host! You will earn it! They want to, you know.
To the end. . Here I believe we know the source of cheap virtual host. Of course, this is only part of If you are interested in exchange! ! You can also contact me.

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