Dotcom-monitor from time to time will elect the 10 most popular host for performance monitoring and ranking them. The monitoring points across the globe. In recent tests, Bluehost's outstanding performance in the speed indicator on and won the first name.
The selected Dotcom-monitor host company: Bluehost is, Inmotionhosting, GoDaddy WebHostingPad, Hostgator, Fatcow, 1and1, NetworkSolutions and and so on. Main monitoring data including the response speed of the server, the file download speeds and page loading speed.
The following is the above hosting service providers around the world, the average page load speed.
It can be seen from the figure above, Bluehost is the best performance, regardless of access from that place in the world, its performance is ideal, this is not difficult to understand, Bluehost is self-built data center has a large bandwidth, and the backbone is directly connected to performance should be good. Followed by another famous U.S. veteran hosting service provider high-performance virtual host Inmotionhosting.
In this report, I found a cheap host in the United States on behalf of GoDaddy, its performance is actually very good, came in third. Another host service providers more surprising is the DreamHost indicators rankings, but still ranked last. In view of the company's reputation has been very good user, this data is estimated that the hardware facilities are not kept pace with the relevant and recent rapid development.
At the end of the report, Dotcom-monitor also specifically highlighted the performance of two monitoring sites in China. Hostgator, from a global perspective, from the composite indicator is good, but from China to visit the corresponding site, and often inaccessible. Another company, we should all know, that is, GoDaddy, Dotcom, monitor found GodDaddy DNS server in the country are often not normally visit resulted in the domain name can not be resolved. This feedback collected from domestic GoDaddy users and the author basically.
Dotcom-monitor use of the host on its monitoring network performance data, but more concerned with domestic owners faster access which the host from the domestic. Host review hosting space network performance monitoring laboratory is to work closely, will be the domestic popular U.S. host to monitor and publish the data in order to assist owners to find the most favorite host products. Data is beginning to come at the end of this month published, please wait patiently.

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