early chinese art
"Mountain Chuanmeng raise for 20 years - Mountain Art Cultural and Educational Foundation Sichuan America works of art Collection" yesterday at the opening of the China Art Gallery. Exhibited more than 170 pieces of the collection by Taiwan's "Mountain Foundation Chuan outstanding artists of the United States early representative works. Including the masterpieces of Chinese contemporary art world-renowned artist Luo Zhongli, He Ling, Cheng jungle, Chen Jian, DU Swimming firewood, Zhuyi Yong, Zhou Chunya, Zhang Xiaogang rare to have a show.
Lin Mingzhe, chairman of the Mountain Art Culture and Education Fund, told reporters that the exhibition to be held today from their own special affinity with the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts. To the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts in early 1987, for the first time to visit Luo Zhongli only known Duoling, Cheng jungle, Ye Yongqing, Pang Maokun see the Academy of Fine Arts teacher and graduate of the living environment and painting environmental conditions empathy, Artist Development is a long road , hard, rugged, long-term funding and collection of the Chuan America some of the artists paintings, slowly only the idea of the preparatory Museum of Fine Arts, so I Chuan America have a special feeling. "mountain Art Cultural and Educational Foundation support the creation of continental artists to promote the development of the art of the mainland, so far nearly 30 years. Start, promote and support exploratory attempt mainland artists and art history and art events across the 1980s and 1990s and new century, a collection of precious historical significance of the art literature and works from the mid-1980s . It is reported that the exhibition will last until March 27.

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