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The sweet potato is a good thing, grilled and flavorful, is a favorite with the girls, the sweet potato is not what to eat if you know
Sweet potato can not and sweets to eat
Sweet potatoes with high sugar content, fasting eat and produce large amounts of stomach acid, stimulate gastric hyperacidity caused by acid back, people have the feeling of heartburn. The sweet potatoes also contain an oxidase in the gastrointestinal tract will produce large amounts of carbon dioxide gas, likely to cause bloating, belching, and other symptoms.
Gastric ulcers, bloating, and other illnesses should not eat sweet potatoes, sweet potato sugar to produce a large number of gastric acid in the stomach, increasing stomach pressure will stimulate the stomach bad ulcers or gastric mucosa, resulting in stomach discomfort . And the sweet potato is also not too sweet things to eat, because the sweet potato itself is sweet, if coupled with the sweets to a food will increase the likelihood of gastroesophageal reflux.
Roasted sweet potatoes do not eat with skin
Containing cellulose and starch and more, sweet potato and eat too much, there will be symptoms such as bloating, belching, but the right amount to eat can stimulate the intestinal tract and promote defecation.
Roasted sweet potatoes with skin is best not to eat sweet potato Alternaria contamination is not appropriate to identify cured, so there are black spots or burnt sweet potatoes are not to eat, and may cause poisoning. Street roasted sweet potatoes with coal baking, coal, when burned, will produce large amounts of sulfur dioxide and other harmful substances, eat street of roasted sweet potatoes are bad for your health.
Tips: eat too much sweet potato how do
Under normal circumstances, normal people eat sweet potatoes one day should not exceed 32 diabetes should eat according to the disease.
If eaten more than sweet potatoes cause bloating, can take some compound digestive enzyme capsules, Ding Lin, mosapride and other drugs, but also drink malt water or coke Sansen spleen appetite, digestion of the plot.

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