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The first time I heard Mr. Wang Anlin by Lin Zhan Tao, tai chi teachers of the Asian Cultural Center. Lin has always been peaceful filed, Mr. Wang was actually face to revered, highly recommended. "He is the rare martial arts master," Lin says.

So with a heart filled with curiosity and anticipation, in the middle by looking at a few times of Jin Yong's novels and the Hollywood film "Kung Fu Panda" warm-up, finally get in the August 9 Bibo museums in China Day Bringing the style of kung fu master. Mr. Wang Anlin medium height, smiling, able-bodied, God finished enough gas, prominent temples, which shows deep internal strength.

In the blue ground, Wang Yinlong whip opening, silver chain dance at the sound at first glance sound such as a bolt from the blue, so that the paddock side of the audience tremble in fear while wondering the sound come from. The king master performers finished explained to the audience, which is forceful internal force throughout the silver chain directly to the chain tail red silk at, across the air shock out of the sound, the whole of China is only including him the two martial arts masters to whom.

Next, Mr. Wang, head of one faction of the statue performances sent his secrets Wensheng boxing form Smart, Quan Shi tact, deep and impulsive at times, a loud shout, so that the audience eardrums startled mind stirring. Get enough of Wangan Lin performed marksmanship, tai chi sword, grappling hands Push hands and Greco-Roman wrestling, can be said to be versatile everything come to see the audience dazzled move of God.

August 10, Mr. Wang Anlin came to the Asian Cultural Center, personally to the participants exercise of Tai Chi exercises, teaching tips, warm welcome by the students. Saturday 14:00 23 Master Wang will be held in the center of the Ya-wen Qigong and boxing armed combat exercise free seminars, and intends to enrollment commenced in order to satisfy the majority of Chinese martial arts fans in Pau (see the Events page of the newspaper community) . In addition, Mr. Wang Anlin invited to the Library of Congress in Washington on military and television for teaching CD recording Wensheng boxing given to the museum collections.

Such a martial arts master in place to recognize this school martial arts? What are the views of the heritage and development of the Chinese martial? Interview with reporters, Wang Anlin unexpectedly from the culture to explain his point of view.

Q: What is the "Wen-sheng"? Confucius? Boxing in the name of "holy text" What is meaning?

: Wensheng word can be separated to explain. "Culture" refers to the text of the law of the successful sit-in, the "sacred" fist profound reason, the name "Wen-sheng, Wu Zhongwen power, Wu Wencheng," meaning. Wensheng boxing originated in the hometown of Confucius in Shandong, a set of health and combat internal boxing as one of the power law and inspired by the Confucianism Ruran, culture and knowledge as a foundation, and therefore said Wensheng "is not of Confucius No reason.

Wensheng boxing reference to Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism and traditional Chinese medicine meridian theory, a combination of Chinese culture, emphasizing civil and military, both ability and integrity. Attend the Wensheng boxing, is to make the weak strong, strong health, and health by benevolence, benevolent life, tho holy, that is, to achieve a healthy body and mind for the benefit of the community, to do unto others, do not impose on others.

Chinese culture for the impact of the Wensheng boxing performance in the martial ideology tact Budokan, loose static nature, Chiang Kai-shek harmony, self-perfection. " Tact Budokan "reflects the Buddhist Zen martial arts should be the body structure, blood research through a rather Belden; loose static nature, the Taoist realm, quiet mood to relax, close to nature, nature and man ; embodies the "CKS harmony" of Confucianism, pay attention to their own people, and society, and nature of the doctrine of the mean; "perfect self" is the basis of these cultural ideas, master of cultivation methods, change the error, and constantly improve balance their .

In China's traditional view and the overall concept, the Wensheng boxing advocate under the premise to comply with the laws of nature, to play to their initiative, and heavy Takenori talk about martial arts. The guidance of boxing action and Taoist breathing technique, focusing on internal and external unity of consciousness, breathing and movement; to body of boxing spiral wrapping movement and medicine meridian theory combining to maximize the human instinct. Centuries, through the vicissitudes of life, but still retains a simple and natural, simple and practical.

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