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A health management diamond-year card for $ 10 million to provide guests designated private doctors, private nurses, private masseur ... only a few hundred square meters of the Health Management Center, was able to provide 10 million "high price" The annual card services. Leaving reporters understand is that, according to reliable sources, This is a high price sales of membership cards in good condition, and even the health management company, said this card price will rise. Health management industry, the existence of profits is an open secret, but this is a membership card for $ 10 million, comparable to golf club membership, why can sell so well?
The reporter found that many "high price" Member Card Services, a lot of services is an urgent need for high-income people. Such as private physician services, In addition to the use of the PHKYN technology from the United States, more state-level expert guidance clinics, to provide customers with a systemic solution. High-income people there are also difficulties in medical care and medical green channel of the health management company to provide services directly to customers and hospitals docking, the full realization of the convenience of the patient's medical treatment. It is reported that many business owners work long hours, irregular eating, physical health is deteriorating, and health management can provide a systematic care program, providing guests with the quality of the differentiated demand.
30 years ago, the American Medical Love Health Industry Group to create and launch the "PCN health management, health management model, with its core PHKYN" technology, the rapid spread in the U.S. and was a great success, per capita health spending from $ 124.58 dropped to $ 12.5. U.S. doctors love while safeguarding human health, the Health Industry Group has been created in the United States tens of thousands of new generation of millionaires, millionaires.
 The doctors love the healthy supermarket is a combination of health management, health food, health supplies three supermarkets. Nutritional balance and the elimination of fatigue are the basis of health, health management in the specific implementation process, the healthy supermarket not only provide consumers with balanced nutrition health food, alleviate fatigue, health supplies, for different consumer groups to provide more favorable prices to attract them to become a member and the member in succession in the supermarket, consumption, and form a good reputation, word of mouth to attract more consumers to become a member, and ultimately the formation of a virtuous cycle of economic chain.
Doctors love marketing mode, the healthy supermarket gradually develop and expand into the Health Management Center, the health industry to a sustainable development of this form. As long as you join us, you will be left to posterity a permanent expansion of wealth!

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