great impression chinese health of tea
 The Chinese tea industry, the lack of big brands, traditional Chinese medicine are facing export push forward the problem of slow, but the range between the fate of health tea and how? Recently, the reporter an exclusive interview with China's largest health tea enterprises Pitt students, Chairman and CEO Zhao Yihong, a detailed analysis of the health tea industry is facing a confused and achievements.

As we all know, China is the world's largest tea-producing countries, the annual output of 1.4 million tons, but because the quality of tea varies greatly, price instability, high tea, small and scattered, the lack of national brand, which greatly limits the space for development of the Chinese tea enterprises. Long time ago, there are 70,000 Chinese tea enterprises match for a Lipton saying. In this industry environment, the tea seems to play the health concept is becoming the Chinese tea industry break a successful shortcut.

For Pitt students, from the 2000 Beijing Fangshan District doudian town, only 1100 square meters of factory buildings in 2010, visit the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, the company just 10 years. In the past 10 years, Pitt students to do two things, first, to build two competitive products; a sale of nearly 120,000 retail terminal network in the country laid. Zhao Yihong the business logic has always been clear things to an one do not worry.

Slowly to Pitt students will appear in the 2012 "Great Leap Forward". Zhao Yihong disclosed to reporters the next year, Besunyen's several new products to market. Meanwhile, its sales network will continue to be extended to U.S. and European markets. If everything goes smoothly, Pitt students will be first knocked on the door to European and American markets, health tea enterprises.

However, it should be noted that the cracks have been extremely difficult to survive. Pitt students is such an enterprise to survive in the cracks, on the one hand, and 70 000 tea enterprises rivalry; the other is to deal with the integrity of the market crisis of health care products, walking in the middle of the two industries the health tea prices Pitt students definitely not easy. Insiders pointed out that with the development of enterprises, the products are too monotonous the drawbacks of the Pitt students will gradually appear. After the main nimesulide products Kang Chi Pharmaceutical, in its leading products, suffered a security storm, profits have fallen sharply. How to enrich the product line and the company will continue to Scissors or to the left or right transformation, Zhao Yihong also made a response.

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