"Health" [1] sponsored by the Chinese Peasants and Workers Democratic Party Central Propaganda Department and directly under the Ministry of Health Jieping Medical Foundation, the State Press and Publication Administration officially approved by national medical health class journal. Chinese the CPWDP central journals Forward Forum Supplements and directly under the Ministry of Health Jieping Bulletin of the Medical Foundation for domestic and foreign public offering. The main object is at all levels of health education institutions, management of health services, school health, hospitals, health education, community health service centers, hospital management, clinical (medical) health science and technology, health care, bio-engineering research and development, teaching workers and experts and scholars and other relevant personnel (CPC Central Committee and State Council departments and provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and part of the center of the city's industrial party authorities are free of charge objects). Domestic and international public offering. National unity Issues CN11-3454 / D, International Standard Serial Number ISSN 1007-6050. The bi-monthly issue.
Articles adviser to former Vice Chairman of NPC, the State Councilor, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Li Tieying; NPC vice chairman of Jiu San Society Central Committee Chairman, Chairman of the China Association for Science and Technology, Han Qide; vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, Peasants and Workers Democratic Party Central Committee, executive vice chairman Chen Zongxing ; Secretary of the Central Health Council, Health Forum organizing committee Wang Minqing; Jieping Medical Foundation. Xiaomeng; Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Ministry of Health sinus Hee photos; Work Committee of the State Administration of Traditional Yang Rui; the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine Act Sang Bin, monitoring Secretary of Health; chairman of the China Medical Association Inspection Branch is still red; Deputy Secretary Zhao Chunhui of Beijing Municipal Health Bureau; Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ministry of Education, Cancer Genomics Research Laboratory Director for anti-cancer drugs have been beneficial new; original Hou Wen, president of China Medical University; Dingcheng Yao of the China Life Science Association, vice president; the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection to monitor the former director of the JI Guang Qin;, former director of the Press Secretary Office of the State Council, Zhao Shouyi; health newspaper party secretary Zhao Shugui. Editorial director of the Chinese Peasants and Workers Democratic Party Central Propaganda Department, stone light tree. Editorial Board, deputy director of the deputy inspector of industrial party central "Forward Forum" vice president, deputy editor Liu Baoming;, deputy director of the Department of Inspection, Capital Medical University, doctoral tutor Wang Qingtao. Editorial Board members include clinical examination of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Medical Quality Control Center Director Zhang force, Zhao Jianhong, deputy director of the clinical test center in Tianjin Yang Bin, deputy director of the clinical test center in Hebei Province, Shanxi Province, Clinical Laboratory Director of the Center Lilian Qing, Beijing Union Medical College Hospital doctoral Xu Yingchun mentor, director, doctoral tutor Zhang Man, director of the Beijing Millennium Monument Hospital, Beijing Tongren Hospital, doctoral tutor Lu Xinxin Director as editorial board members. Wu Jieping Medical Foundation Deputy Secretary-General tube the Changping served as editor-in-chief, the well-known diabetes expert Nie Wentao as deputy editor.

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