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Artemisia annua, also known as Artemisia annua, mainly distributed in China's Guangxi, Yunnan, Sichuan, Vietnam, India and other countries also have a small amount of Artemisia annua. At present, the world except China and Vietnam artificial cultivation of Artemisia annua, and Africa, although a small amount of cultivation, but the quality is far better than China.
The world for more than 80% of the raw materials of the artemisinin drugs from China's Chongqing Youyang. A. annua reserves of up to several thousand tons, and the quality is excellent, the artemisinin content in Artemisia annua leaves is higher than twice the national average, ranking the highest in the world.
1600 years ago, the ancient Chinese medical books have introduced the method of using Artemisia annua to treat malaria. The clinical use of Artemisia annua in China from the 1980s. Of malaria cases in China is relatively small, the use of Artemisia annua is not until the beginning of this century, the World Health Organization to adjust the strategy of prevention and treatment of malaria, the function of the Artemisia annua by the global attention.
Adjust the strategy, artemisinin attention
The world's large-scale malaria control work began in the 1950s, initially in addition to treatment with antibiotics in patients, mainly with DDT (DDT) anti-mosquito. Although DDT can be anti-mosquito, but it pollutes the environment, and has the potential to bring new diseases.
To the 1990s, due to the threat of traditional anti-malarial drugs too much, the body begins to produce different levels of resistance, the emergence of malaria in Africa and parts of Asia, rapidly becoming the "killer" after AIDS, the lives of more than 300 million people worldwide each year the number of people suffering from malaria deaths over three million, mostly children under 5 years old.
Experts began to realize that malaria control should be the main treatment. They suggested that the World Health Organization to change the original anti-mosquito strategy, according to the varying conditions in different integrated treatment mainly to resist the invasion of the malaria. World Health Organization has adopted these recommendations. As a result, the Artemisia annua into the sight of the experts.
For three consecutive days of medication to recover
At first, experts are reluctant to use herbs, the main concern bad control, resulting in abuse possible. But they found that the role of artemisinin, to change views. In 2001, the KwaZulu region of South Africa's first artemisinin extracted from herbs used in the treatment, and achieved excellent efficacy, the majority of patients for three consecutive days of sickness medication can be recovered, the mortality rate over the previous a decrease of 87%.
These agents are mainly from China.
        Beijing Holley-Cotec pharmaceutical company is the earliest Chinese exports to Africa of Artemisia annua drug companies. Each year, millions of boxes of finished dosage forms are sold in over 20 countries in Africa. This medicine cure rate of 97 percent fatality rate of falciparum malaria, cerebral malaria, and low prices, especially for patients with poverty-stricken areas. The World Health Organization estimates that last year more than 3000 million people use artemisinin drugs, and this year will reach 132 million people.

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