health concerns chinese traditional formulas
Stores, although it is the most direct and most traditional sales model, the vast majority of people can offer. The flagship store business leaders on the 1st corporate headquarters is definitely the history of the Chinese market, the first door the loudest backing of the largest high-end stores to attract customers to come here especially, basically full every day. Only the first time consumption, the first to buy home early adopters of the customer is overwhelmed. Wall along the main road line for the further expansion of store sales, "Leadership I" pull the banner in the influence of local agents and distributors in the local main street or commercial center, the vertical billboard, send brochures feature films, advertising, or at the local television broadcast cost of the return from sales by the headquarters, not the agents spend a penny of easy profits.
People now increasingly focused on diet, nutritional value and quality of life to pursue, VIPs can enjoy the food in the past has become a general public table cuisine, state leaders may benefit from the leader of One state banquet of wine and a product the tea can also bring you the extraordinary value of taste. One leader, committed to the Chinese high-end, high-quality supply of healthy eating, a state banquet famous yet product promotions consumption of high-end health to meet the dietary needs of the modern high standard, how can we not set off a new consumer frenzy?

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