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Chinese Health Minister Chen Zhu Yu was awarded the President's official residence of the French National Assembly in Paris at noon local time, 12 officers Medal of the Legion of Honor. The French National Assembly Speaker Akwa Jesus on behalf of French President Nicolas Sarkozy for Chen Zhu honors. Chinese Minister of Health who in France for many years with the French how unusual feelings?
French Legion Medal of Honor is the highest honor awarded by the French government, dedicated to the recognition of France made an important contribution to the French people and foreigners. Chinese Health Minister Chen Zhu, the ceremony, the French National Assembly Speaker Akwa yeah interpretations of the importance of the honors: "Few people such as Mr. Chen Zhu, Minister to deepen Sino-French relations to make such an excellent effort today of the ceremony is to pay tribute to the special experience, as doctors, scientists, Chen Zhu, Minister in China and the world for human health tireless efforts to pay tribute to his decades of dialogue to enrich the fields of science between China and France efforts to pay tribute, he pushed China and France can be shared among together to achieve progress on the human scientific knowledge to pay tribute. "
Chen Zhu, Minister to France in 1984 to study a PhD. After returning home in 1989, led by undertaking a large number of national key scientific research projects, and made a lot of breakthroughs in the field of hematology, molecular biology. Since 1995 as the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and actively promote the Sino-French bilateral cooperation. Such as promoting the foundations of the science and application of law is created, through the financing of the Fellowship Program, to promote bilateral cooperation in science and application of scientific and technological exchanges, scientific and technological cooperation. In 2002, Chen Zhu, who was awarded the French Legion of Honor, Knight-class medal. Ten years later, French President Nicolas Sarkozy in recognition of Chen Zhu made great contributions to medical research and forensic science cooperation, the honors Medal level to officer level.
The Akwa yeah speaker explained: "President Sarkozy has decided granted the Medal of Chen Zhu, Minister of the officer level, because the Minister Chen Zhu has set an example to promote exchanges and cooperation between China and France. First of all, in medical science First of all, he is a great doctor and researcher, he has greatly promoted the progress of medical science; Secondly, he has a better understanding of the common ground linking the people of China and France, studied in France for the experience made him a better understanding of the more mature health insurance in France system, especially as the Minister of Health, the admirable work done by the implementation of health care reform in China. Chinese health care system in the citizens of medical treatment and health insurance coverage has been greatly improved, and made significant progress We admire the efforts he made to the Chinese people and Sino-French friendship. "
Chen Zhu, Minister of the ceremony delivered a speech in fluent French. He thanked the progress made in health care reform. He pointed out that after three years of health care reform has been made in the preliminary results: 97 percent of China's population have access to basic medical insurance and the basic coverage of urban and rural areas; State Pharmaceutical reform and reform of public hospitals is also being gradually . When it comes to the feelings of their own honors, Chen Zhu said: "This honor is not only a great encouragement to me, also belong to China and France, especially the colleagues of the medical profession; I just Akwa the yeah Speaker in particular comes to the medical the importance of reform of China's scientific development, because it is not only a respect for life, and it is very important for building a harmonious society, economy, health is the most important asset, is the first element, at the same time it also has huge political significance, is a society of fairness, justice and harmony thanks to French colleagues a lot of encouragement and positive assessment of China's medical reform, I am even more grateful to the French colleagues, a very valuable support given to us to crack the world's problems on the issue and help. "
Chen Zhu, minister of foreign academician of French Academy of Sciences, professor of Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, Ruijin Hospital, tenured professor, and actively work for the cooperation of China and France in the medical field, among them to promote the establishment of the Institut Pasteur of Shanghai, establish a model for Sino-French health cooperation, to contribute to the cause of China's public health; In addition, he also actively promote the cooperation of Chinese medicine in China and France. There to participate in the ceremony site nearly in the forensic scientific community guests of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Sino-French cooperation, the French Academy of Sciences the lifelong Secretary Katrina 布希尼娅克, Ms.. Chen Zhu, Minister of honors and cooperation between China and France issued a view: "Today is Chen Zhu, Minister of the ceremony is an affirmation of the excellent results of the efforts and medical research work he was made of Sino-French friendship. Science no borders. Chen Zhu is a good friend of the French people, is an excellent Minister, a long time that our cooperation is very happy in the Sino-French cooperation on Chinese medicine, we strive to achieve a combination of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, draw two medical strengths to promote medical science advances, the service of humanity. future cooperation between the two sides will strengthen cooperation between scientific research as well as Sino-French hospitals.

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