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April 20th, the the Zhenhai delegation to participate in Ningbo City, the 14 session of National People's Congress meeting to continue its consideration of the government work report and plan, the budget report. Representatives of SME support, social and livelihood security put forward opinions and suggestions.
Seats on behalf of Hill & Knowlton said, to be innovative institutional mechanisms to attract more social resources and participation of private capital investment and development of the real economy, to further the formation of a social atmosphere conducive to the development of the real economy.
Hu Mingjie representative said that the development of small and medium-sized enterprises are not optimistic, the Government should further increase the financial support for establishment of a risk compensation mechanism, accelerating the construction of SME credit guarantee system. To encourage financial institutions to pilot other than land, real estate mortgage business, to broaden the financing channels for SMEs.
Zheng Shimei representative said that in recent years, Ningbo, an aging population trend is growing, residents of the pension issue has become a prominent social problem. We must vigorously develop community-based home care model, the establishment of cities, districts, streets, community four pension service center. Staffing to implement and carry out pension services; government land allocation, relocation, vacated, and the transfer of the implementation of the service space in the form; nurturing and stable home nursing member team; give operational funding subsidy levels, to ensure the continuing of the Community Services for the Aged healthy development.
Bo said that the comprehensive medical protection burdens policy is the policy of the vital interests of the relationship between the masses of the people's livelihood, to establish a unified platform of health care, the implementation of health security burden reduction policies in a timely manner to develop measures to achieve as long as the burden standard line will be able to burden the year, and play a good medical Lightening protection. To increase capital investment, the progressive introduction of the policy of comprehensive burden of medical insurance for urban residents, expand the burden coverage, so that more people income.
Li Li said that the increase in the areas of migrant workers for the construction of the number of children of migrant workers of Ningbo City and more rapid growth and enormous pressure on to local educational resources proposed development planning, co-ordinate the deployment of the district educational resources; a certain number of primary, secondary efforts; migrant schools be funded subsidies, narrowing the gap of its software and hardware.

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