health qigong
Health Qigong Yi Jin Jing; the Qigong Wuqinxi; Health Qigong Liu Zi Jue; Health Qigong Ba Duan Jin.
Similar efficacy of the four Health Qigong, practitioners, physical fitness, improve the body immunity and suitable for all ages. The Qigong explore the concept of Qigong can not ignore a basic premise of February 2003, the State Sports General Administration Health Qigong has been established as 97 sports projects. This premise means that it is necessary to explore this concept in sports within the Qigong needs to reflect the spirit and purpose of sports, you need to determine their own unique form of exercise. From outside the context of sports, from qigong perspective view Qigong Qigong as a category of Qigong, then, this premise means that Qigong is a combination of qigong and sports, sports qigong.
Qigong is a combination of the two terms of "fitness" and "Qigong" composite phrase, based on the premise of Qigong is a sports project to explore the meaning of the concept of "Qigong" can be divided into three steps, namely first, respectively, to investigate the "fitness" and "Qigong" The meaning of two words, and sports, and then explore the meaning of this compound phrases.
The meaning of "fitness" is relatively clear, the word "health" and "body" two words. The relationship of the "health" and "body" is the ancient Chinese, the use of the law "relationship, the former dominated the latter two words together mean" good health ". In everyday life, this word often associated with a variety of sports associated with, such as "aerobics", "fitness ball", this link has its inevitability. Because "good health" is a goal to achieve that goal, to be implemented in a specific behavior, and the behavior associated with this objective first is a wide range of physical activity. Sports can be said that the general term for a variety of physical activity, fitness and sports is associated not only inevitable but natural. Fitness reflects the sports spirit and purpose of a variety of sports, fitness for purpose can be fully implemented.
Sports is a variety of physical activities in general is actually not very comprehensive, modern sport also includes a number of intellectual activity, such as chess movement. However, the sports subject is indeed a physical activity, these basic categories of physical activity, fitness qigong, including school education, sports programs, competitive sports and daily physical exercise, physical recreation activities. Should be noted that the differences associated between the various types of physical activity, classification is not absolute. The basic purpose of these physical activity fitness, physical education curriculum is a greater focus on the development and training of the bodily functions, competitive sports, to the results, record-breaking, not all in order to fitness; contrast, it touches closer to daily physical exercise and physical recreation and fitness purposes. Physical exercise, mentioned here do the broadcast gymnastics, and tai chi daily dedicated to improve health, physical activity, body entertainment is a roller-skating, bowling and so on with physical activity-related recreational activities, not including watching movies, listening to music and other entertainment activities. Visible, fitness of purpose of physical exercise than physical entertainment to a clear and direct, we can say is the sport of fitness for the purpose of representative forms of exercise.
The meaning of "qigong" unlike the "fitness" as a clear, unified, more controversial. The limited space of this article, it is impossible to discuss. The only reference to the concept of college textbooks published in 1999 "Chinese Qigong Science Qigong. The textbook is the first since the founding of the PRC is the only one in the higher TCM institution common Qigong textbooks relatively authoritative. What is Qigong? The basic interpretation of the materials are: Qigong is the tone the body, the interest rate adjustment, aligning together as one body and mind to exercise skills. Tone the body, the interest rate adjustment, aligning in the Qigong Science referred to as the "tune". This interpretation is characterized by Qigong qualitative skills "three-tone one to three adjustments to one's physical and mental activity is qigong, three tone-one of state or realm that is the basic characteristics of Qigong practice.
A variety of sports activities are also "tune" from the operational point of view, such as running, do the starting position was to adjust the body, choke the breath is the interest rate adjustment, listen to issuing the order of the shots are aligning, "tune" , but this is not qigong, but sports, because the "tone" were operating as one. Qigong practice is characterized by the "tune" operation and achieve the three tone-one. Three tone-one of state, forming a unified realm. Thus, whether the three-tune one's physical and mental state is the basic difference of qigong and sports. Of course, any difference between the relative side. Three tone qigong cultivation process operations have not yet reached one of the state of their physical and mental sport there is no essential difference, the sport reached the very skillful when the three-tone one state or naturally occurring, when the sport Qigong practice is no difference.
In fact, the harmony and unity of the three tone tone the body, the interest rate adjustment, aligning, and adjust limbs, respiratory and mental activity, heart-shaped Italian three, all human self-regulation of its own operational activities. In addition, longer operating what he does not. Any autonomous behavior of the people are inseparable from the "three tone" can only be posed by the "tune". Some concept of qigong is only talking about "tone", and no reference to tune one, this is good, but this concept of qigong is difficult to distinguish between qigong and sports, or even difficult to distinguish, qigong, and physical labor.
The difference between Qigong and sports in addition to whether the three tone-one, their purpose is not the same. The basic purpose of sports fitness, qigong is different. The interpretation of the "Chinese Qigong Science, the basic purpose of qigong is to explore human potential. The human potential is not yet demonstrated ability of qigong, which includes a fitness capacity, other capacities, such as smart, rehabilitation, ability, and so on. Therefore, fitness is part of the purpose of qigong practice, not all, may not even be the main part.
The above clarifies the meaning of "fitness" and "Qigong" and their relationship with the sport. It can be seen from the above exposition of the State Sports General Administration of Qigong as a sports project, academic basis. Because qigong and sports in terms of the basic purposes, or in the form of exercise for achieving its goals, there are close to each other, and the overlap part. In this context, to explore the concept of Qigong is to figure out how mutual choice of Qigong and sports, the formation of a new attribution and sports areas of sports.
Limited to two words to each other, "fitness" and "Qigong" Qigong compound nouns. The one hand, the "fitness" modified "Qigong", "Qigong" is limited to fitness for purpose, fitness significance of qigong. On the other hand, is "Qigong" standard "fitness" fitness is limited to Qigong as a means of fitness, which sets out the basic principles of need each other to choose between sports and Qigong. Between the choice of specific content can be analyzed as follows:
Qigong take the sport's basic purpose, namely fitness; lays down the the qigong purpose other purposes outside of the fitness. On Qigong, to be reduced, limited to fitness. Qigong has taken a qigong form of exercise, which means discarding a sport tune separation of physical and mental state, while the forward direction to the three-tone one. Therefore, the purpose of sport, exercise mental and physical state is changed. Privileges, Qigong has its own characteristic form of exercise as an emerging independent sports items, unique form of exercise is the first, is the fundamental basis to distinguish it from other sports projects.
Elaborate form of Qigong movement characteristics can be seen from two perspectives. From qigong perspective, the purpose is to reduce the scope of operational activities of Qigong practice is accordingly reduced. Said earlier, the operating activities of Qigong practice is emphasized that tone the body, the interest rate adjustment, aligning, many qigong and therefore can be divided into tone the body mainly the interest rate adjustment based, aligning the main three categories, such as martial arts Qigong, Buddhist Qigong and Taoist Qigong. Since the purpose of Qigong is a fitness, three-coordination activities most closely on the fitness of the body of tone. Therefore, the tune itself based Qigong Qigong popular. From a sports point of view, it contains the physical education curriculum, sports, physical exercise and physical entertainment and other types of physical activity, physical exercise activities that best reflect the fitness purposes, such as doing exercise, playing tai chi and other activities. Here, the Qigong qigong and sports between the proximity and overlap, and become a combination of the two points.
However, the tune itself based qigong and sports physical exercise activities, there are still differences. Qigong to the tune itself based some martial art for the purpose of the action more intense, confrontational in nature, and the purpose of fitness not match; gymnastics, and tai chi as a sports radio does not pay attention to achieve the three tone-one. physical and mental state, lack the characteristics of Qigong practice. Thus, the movement form of Qigong Qigong in sports and physical exercise-based activities and to bring the body between the need to re-trade-offs. The purpose of fitness, rounding Qigong Qigong to tune itself based in a more intense and confrontational nature of the part, took the part of the more ease Yang Yee's own; to maintain the characteristics of Qigong practice Qigong lay down the "tune" the separation of physical and mental state, physical exercise in sports tend to tune one. Accordingly, the movement form of Qigong is more relaxed physical activity tend to tune one physical and mental state. Reason that tends to one in three tone, rather than words to achieve the three tone-one is to tune one realm to take a long time practice Qigong as mass sports projects should not be raised high demand, but should be specified direction.
In summary, this paper presents the basic concepts of Qigong as follows:
Qigong is based on the fitness for purpose, based on a more moderate physical activities, physical and mental state tends to tone the body, the interest rate adjustment, aligning one of the sports project.

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