health the resource
Municipal Committee, Municipal Education Committee secretary Gou Lijun, yesterday led the City departments responsible comrades, has in-depth Chest Hospital, Lake Hospital and the Haihe River Hospital new construction, renovation and expansion project site, check the progress of the project, quality control, safety measures, supporting the construction, etc. . Subsequent meeting of the on-site office, study and solve problems, and asked all units to further raise awareness, strengthen management, speed up construction projects to expand the total resources of the high-quality health care to contribute to improve the medical conditions of the masses.
Gou Lijun, in the field office was stressed that the large public hospitals, new construction, renovation and expansion project is a popular project to benefit the masses of Tianjin urban and rural. Should be thinking and understanding actions and arrangements to the requirements of the municipal government, and effectively enhance the sense of responsibility, sense of mission and urgency, seize the construction of the golden season of scientific and reasonable arrangement, with masses of deep feelings for the high standard, high-quality good job construction projects.
Gou Lijun, to further strengthen the project management to ensure completion of quality engineering, safety engineering, clean and works. The renovation and expansion of medical units to do a good job ahead of the medical staff team building, improve medical quality service to a new level. City departments and district according to the Municipal Committee "structural adjustment, improve people, on the level of activity of the unified deployment of active-depth construction line to engage in service to help solve the problems one by one, to ensure that the project be completed and put into use.

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