infertility chinese herbs
Chinese medicine three therapy, love allows you to bid farewell to the infertility troubles
Because irregular menstruation, infertility caused by very troubled to Pok Oi Hospital help for treatment of patients is just one of so many women eager to mother. Shenzhen Pok Oi Hospital gynecologist Professor Zhou pointed out that menstrual disorders are common female problems, the performance of large, irregular time, if you do not attach importance to the number of changes of menstruation, may result in not normal ovulation and affect the pregnancy. The use of Chinese medicine three therapy "conditioning is currently the most effective way to drug treatment phases in accordance with the menstrual cycle.
Three so-called traditional Chinese medicine therapy, and is stated before, after the menstrual period, after different times using different medication. "Zhou, the increase in the luteal phase premenstrual kidney Chinese medicine, menstruation blood stasis, promote follicle rupture, discharge, with kidney medicine by follicle-stimulating growth, so as to smoothly pregnant with the baby.
Shenzhen Pok Oi Hospital gynecologist Professor Zhou conditioning period in patients moved to pulling the hand of Professor Zhou said: "nice of you to Pok Oi Hospital, patients responsive to your rest time to see a doctor, thank you, Dr. Zhou. Pok Oi Hospital, Shenzhen has been adhering to all patient-centered, "the purpose, respect for patients, patient care, the convenience of patients, the humanistic spirit of service patients to be fully reflected in the whole process of the fraternity of medical services. In love, all the employees regard the patients as their loved ones or their families for their meticulous care and care deeply. Because we know that as long as every day gave a little love, this world will become a better human.

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