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Contemporary art collection of serious trouble, although there is no fake but the same "deep water": First, from the price, the second is from the artist. The former will make you buy a lot of "waste paper" and "waste cloth", the latter in which you bored to pass up.
Chinese contemporary art collection of increasingly hot, the most direct reason is the price - even after the 2008 financial crisis, the market was the turning point of the cut price, but contemporary art up to today is still a "windfall" industry. As long as your vision of quasi-or good luck today, 10 million yuan to buy tomorrow sell 1 million or even 10 million is not a fairy tale.
Return the greater the greater the risk of this irrefutable truth applies equally to the contemporary art collection. The key point of the price puzzle is that most people do not know - the price of a work of art is how to form? Traditional calligraphy and painting a large number of non-governmental and private transactions, most of the transactions of the contemporary art market in the "transparent", "open" auction, it seems that it is "fair" deal. In actual fact, even the opposite.
Veteran collectors and buyers are aware of my heart: the chance of the auction price, great maneuverability, in many cases can not be trusted, at least not rely solely on the auction price to do the criteria for the collection or investment. The art market turnover consists of four parts:
Gallery sales - this part of the transaction can not be the exact statistics, most of the transactions gallery transactions are not taxed;
Sales of individual artists - like traditional painting masters and art officials transaction amount is huge, but largely unknown;
Heritage transactions - each year a large number of cultural transaction figures are enormous surprisingly, also can not be quantified;
Auction trading - this part of the data is the government, the media and society the only way to catch an overview of statistics.
However, the published price of the auction company at least two-thirds can not be trusted, which includes four common phenomenon: first, the left hand to sell his right hand "- a piece announced the deal, but actually send someone to buy back, there is no transaction; "placards but does not honor" - like last year, Christie's New York contemporary art auction, held a license for the Chinese boss, but afterwards did not pay for pick up; third, buy one get one free "- auction turnover is paying in accordance with the media announced the price, but to send the film privately and then presented to the buyer of one or a few pieces of work, so, the auction price of a single piece just published price half or third; fourth, the "yin and yang of price" - for example, the transaction price of the auction company to the news media is 10 million, in fact, in private transactions only two or three million.
This is a bureau of the contemporary art market. Star artists a multiple exposure by the media, the actual price, reserve price, whether it is true transaction, the buyer who the seller is who? All are vague. Only as an outsider in your hands the money is real, a lively and prosperous scene is probably a performance, you are an excited one hand, that "high price" works on yours, but, is likely to "permanent" is yours, because you are the last disk access.
But there are still more and more "disk access" to enter the auction, "move" home more and more work, not afraid when taken for a ride ". Silly money? Not all, an excellent contemporary art charm is almost infinite, and only what you really bought it home, hang on the wall alone appreciate the time to be felt.
The artist sometimes bad, deliberately set on the canvas a lot of innings, allowing viewers to guess. If your explanation is far from his mind the answer is more, the artist instead of the more pleased ... such as Leonardo da Vinci, he planted the mystery in their own pieces of work, generation after generation of art historians have racked their brains attempt to "Mona Lisa "and" The Last Supper "to find that The Da Vinci Code, but so far without result. Perhaps, many of the mysteries of the Da Vinci works simply did not exist purely after people unrequited love.
The practice of contemporary artists is worse than the Da Vinci has come to the ultimate state. From easel painting to installation art, and then to performance art, artists have always beat around the bush with the viewer, to do the cover, waiting for you to understand his ideas. When you came to understand it, is precisely the most exciting artists - when he will see you as "Friends" does not know that you are the artist's "deception".
Lie who is proud, deceived by intoxicated - this is contemporary art is the most attractive feature. Worth the money, wasting the money to buy. 

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