International Data Corporation (IDC) is the world's leading IT, telecommunications, and consumer technology consulting, consultancy and activities, professional services providers. IDC helps IT professionals, business executives and the investment community make technology purchasing decisions based on facts and business development strategy. IDC in the world with over 1000 analysts, they have the professional perspective of globalization, regional, and local, in-depth analysis on more than 110 countries, technology trends and business marketing opportunities. IDC over 48 years of development history, the number of corporate clients with IDC's strategic analysis and to achieve key business objectives successfully. Our customers include Fortune Global 500, a number of famous multinational companies, including well-known in many industries in China's domestic enterprises. IDC IDG, a subsidiary of IDG is the world's leading media publishing, research and consulting, and events company. IDC is a wholly owned subsidiary of International Data Group (IDG) is the world's leading technology publication, exhibition services and research and consulting firm. In 2009, IDG's revenues reached $ 3.05 billion, nearly 13,000 employees worldwide. As a privately held company, IDG was founded in 1964, the company is committed to providing scientific and technical information to provide people with information and analysis resources to help people around the world to improve the quality of life. IDG's founder and chief executive officer, Patrick McGovern's life interest is to study the brain and the brain of human behavior. In 2000, Patrick McGovern, and his wife, Lore Harp - McGovern, presented a gift to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, that is, to establish the McGovern Brain Institute. Continue to support the spirit of scientific research, they are committed to improving human welfare, communication and understanding.

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