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At present, chronic disease has become a serious public health and social problems that endanger people's health, social and economic sustainable development. And has caused great concern of the international community. Active dissemination of health scientific knowledge, promote the participation of society as a whole, do the chronic disease prevention and control work to establish the concept of healthy living, the Chinese Preventive Medicine Association Chinese Medical Association, the China Anti-Cancer Association, the China Radio and Television Association, the China Education, Science, Culture, Health and Sports Union 20 organizations and units of the National Committee, Chinese medicine, public health and Development Fund, jointly founded the Chinese Health Promotion Alliance, and hired Pu Cunxin, Mr. Bai Yansong China Health Promotion Alliance Health Promotion ambassador.
2011 'chronic disease prevention and control of Forum on Health Promotion Alliance General Assembly Held in Beijing on December 9, 2011. National People's Congress Han Qide, vice chairman of the Ministry of Health Minister Chen Zhu, Yin Li, vice minister of Chinese Preventive Medical Association Wang Longde president attended the meeting. Secretary-General Professor Zhang Guangchao Society, the Association, the provincial health department, Centers for Disease Control leadership, the provincial preventive medicine, medical representatives and invited chronic disease prevention specialists a total of more than 400 delegates attended the meeting.
President Wang Longde opening statement, Han Qide, vice chairman, Yin Li, vice minister of speech, Chen Zhu, Minister delivered a keynote report entitled "China's chronic disease challenges, opportunities and countermeasures. China's health promotion alliance opening ceremony was held at the opening ceremony, Han Qide, vice chairman of China's health promotion ambassador for the letter of appointment issued for one person.
Health Promotion Alliance will raise the level of the National Health for the purpose to carry out the limits of education, health promotion, decision-making consultation work content, comprehensive utilization of resources, give full play to the advantages of each system for the working mechanism to jointly promote the whole society to participate actively promote the formation of the dissemination of health scientific knowledge of the situation, and strive to improve the nation's health qualities combine to make the national comprehensive development of the foundation to make a positive contribution for the realization of the "Healthy China 2020 Strategy.
Chronic disease prevention and control is a long-term work, the China Health Promotion Alliance Han Qide, vice chairman of the President of the Union under the leadership of the Ministry of Health under the guidance of, and actively carry out health promotion work to help people establish the scientific way of life, the raising of into good habits, and make unremitting efforts for the implementation of the national chronic disease prevention strategies and services to improve health quality and health level of the whole nation.

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