A data center of a room, one or more layers of occupation of a building, or even the entire building. Most of the equipment is often placed in a rack with a 19-inch compartment. These rack rows placed to form a corridor. This allows people to access from the front or rear compartment. 1U server from the server to an independent silo storage devices very different storage devices to occupy a lot of block tiles in size. Some equipment, such as mainframe computers and storage devices often look at their rack so big, and placed them next. Very large data center can use the container to place, each container can be placed on the server 1000 or more; when repair or upgrade needs, the entire container will be replaced rather than maintenance of a single server. Natively compiled code can control the smallest rise limits. The data center's physical environment is strictly controlled: x air conditioning control, data center temperature and humidity. The ASHRAE's data processing environment, heat the guidance of the recommended temperature 20-25 ° C (68-75 ° F) and humidity at 40-55%, with the best conditions for the data center 17 ° C as the maximum dew point. The power will heat the air inside the data center. Unless the heat is removed, otherwise the temperature will continue to rise, resulting in the failure of the power supply. By controlling the air temperature, the server component in the shelf layer maintain the manufacturer's instructions, temperature / humidity range. Air-conditioning system in the space below the dew point back and forth through the cooling air, to help control humidity. Too wet, then, the water began to concentrate on internal components. If dry air, humid auxiliary system will increase water vapor, if the humidity is too low will cause electrostatic discharge problems that will damage the components. Underground data center able to spend less compared to the conventional design, and maintain computer equipment cooling.
× modern data center trying to use to save the device cooling, where they use outside air to ensure that the data center cooling. Washington State now has several data centers, and 11 a year to use outside air to cool the server. They are not using a cooler or air-conditioning, they create the potential to save millions.
× backup power from one or more uninterruptible power supply or diesel.
× in order to prevent the single point of failure, all power system elements, including the backup system, are typical of fully replicated, and the key server to connect two power supplies (the "A-Side" and the "B-Side") area. Such an arrangement is often used to complete the system of N +1 redundancy. Static gates are sometimes used to guarantee instantaneous conversion one to another in the event of power failure.
× a typical data center use increased to 60cm (2 ft) on the ground, moveable side bricks. The trend now is 80-100cm (31.5-39.4in), the increase of the idle region in order to better ensure air circulation. This supply is sufficient circulation of air in the underground as a condition part of the system, but also provide space for the power cable. In modern data centers, data cables typically use overhead cables. However, some for security reasons or to place them on the floor, and there is need to increase the cooling system on the shelf. Smaller / less spent in the data center did not rise to the ground but the use of the opposite static tiles on the ground. Computer cables are often placed in the corridor, to ensure maximum air flow efficiency.
A feature of the x data center fire protection systems, including passive and active design elements, as well as the implementation of the fire prevention program in the business. Smoke detectors are installed, it can be detected before the flame to the stew smoke source point, and alerts. This allows investigation, interruption of power supply, and make before the fire bigger, people use a fire extinguisher. An automatic sprinkler system is often used to control the fire development for a wide range of fire. Automatic sprinkler system requirements for spray fire extinguishers clear 18 "and compared to the sprinkler system, Clear Event extinguishing gas systems are sometimes installed for the early fire. Passive fire protection elements include the firewall in the data center around fire protection system fails or is not installed, so the fire can easily be controlled in a certain range.
× physical security in the data center, performing a role. Physical place to visit often limited to selected personnel, including the safety control system. Video surveillance and permanent security alert is often used for large data centers or data centers contain confidential information.

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