qi gung
The main body of China's social and political knowledge systems is Confucian. However, Confucianism attached to the kingship, and services for power, tend to become slaves of power. History, the kingship need to get two absolute loyalty First, knowledge, loyalty, the Confucian, the second is the loyalty of the eunuchs. Both loyalty to ensure the absolute nature of kingship, Confucian management of state affairs, the eunuchs of royalty internal affairs. Confucian loyalty can be divided into two types, one is to tell the truth, loyalty, a loyalty of telling lies, that is blind loyalty. Despite the loyalty of the past is littered with telling the truth, but most of them are "blind loyalty" selfish "blind loyalty" to their own interests, not hesitate to tell lies. From the perspective of knowledge, the Chinese tradition of royal rule surgery than other civilizations developed, this Confucian credit. Westerners emphasize the rule of law, Chinese people emphasize the rule of man. With the rule of law and an effective national system, ordinary people can also dominate a society. But in China, Confucianism is not advocate the rule of law. Not an effective national system, there must be a very smart person to do the emperor, or the world it is difficult to govern. China did not develop a national institution building, doctrine, and Confucian only serve in the royal have a great relationship.
Compared with the traditional Chinese society has been great getting out. However, the power of the Chinese intelligentsia dependence there are any changes? Not only did not change, but strengthened. Relations of power, Chinese intellectuals today can be divided into three categories, one for the power service, an anti-power, these two types is the main, the third category is those who do not care about politics and power people, similar to the traditional Taoism. Power services intellectuals do not seem to be discussed in detail, we have to recognize that the hack writer, the light will talk about things, people who defend the current regime. The second class of intellectuals are anti-authority, anti the existing system. In fact, these people in the pursuit of power, is to use their knowledge to influence politics, and even the actual political power. Thus, they often consciously standing on the opposite side of power, in order to oppose and oppose. That is, they are by the anti-power to get power.

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