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Go to HK to buy some BB supplies to find some information on Zhuantie out for all to share!
Milk articles
Brand of milk powder with the mainland is very different
Often visible in the Mainland brands such as: the sale of Dumex, the Queen, and so no
In Hong Kong, the largest U.S. brand are: Abbott, Wyeth, Mead Johnson
Japan Brand: Meiji, Snow, and Light Church
Foreign brands: Netherlands bullpen, Korea XO
Milk brand reputation:
Three brand Abbott, Wyeth, the U.S. Mead Johnson is a mainstream brand in Hong Kong (in fact in the world are strong, because the American brand)
However, there is a little different is that Abbott will be pediatrician recommended
The reason is that Abbott have a market average buy, scheduled a special milk to premature babies to drink
If premature birth mother can be scheduled in Hong Kong to buy, listen effect is very Wucuo
Japan's three brands and wakodo expensive, catch the the Meiji same Snow price is similar
All are veteran Japanese brand
Foreign Dutch bullpen is up to the mother are familiar with the Dutch brand, are more people drinking
Korea XO is this year's upstart, an effort to sell advertising pig common diseases I, the prices are very fresh
Buying milk is divided into the following channels:
A Japanese brand department stores (such stores directly from the Japanese management and delivery, so it is rarely out of stock phenomenon, the brand is also very complete)
From expensive to cheap sort: the CITY the SUPER YATA, JUSCO
2, a pharmacy (up to Mainland mother favorite sites)
The major pharmacies, local Hong Kong people are rarely at the pharmacy to buy milk, because the pharmacy's control is very loose, so few locals to buy
Or very confident that you have a pharmacy, the prices are less than the number
3, direct wholesale store (similar to the Mainland Taobao the store)
Such shops will sell advertising in the local Apple Daily and other newspapers and magazines, then you can order online delivery, or you went to them 
Office or guanputou getting goods, mostly Japanese products, the following one for reference, or up to buy newspapers or Xindi magazine watch
4, Watsons, Mannings, Pokka, the Wellcome
A few places, I have favorite Watson, the attitude of I and comfortable place to store more than
Counseling model, the mother asked the four edges of the East Rail Line to buy diapers with milk powder is more convenient
Personal recommendations can consider the following two places:
1, complete one of the New Town Plaza in Sha Tin Station, three, Sha Tin Plaza has sales brand
2, Ground Floor, Festival Walk, Kowloon Tong Station, Watsons and Mannings East Rail Extensions operator largest branch
Diapers articles
The same brand of milk powder, the brand used by the two differ:
Mainland: Pampers, imported Pampers (HUANG help), the Mainland brand
Hong Kong: Nepia, imports help Pampers (HUANG help), curiosity, Phoebe
Kao, and king of concern to everyone brand is necessary to direct sales online shopping store to buy a
Price: Of course, Hong Kong cheap! !
Sales channels:
1, supermarkets ParknShop, Wellcome, Watsons
Most of the supermarkets are Nepia, the entrance to help Pampers (yellow to help), curiosity, no other brand. However, if a member Day, there will be a super cheap prices
(Hong Kong Pampers are the entrance)
In addition, because the Hong Kong shop rents expensive, so the point Pokka with Wellcome bit is good fine between, for example, there are two at the Sha Tin Pokka, a fine in the New Town Plaza, an isolated
A What is the big test-tube baby in the Sha Tin Centre Square edge, a large supermarket to compare multi-brand
Watson would have almost
Pokka there is maximum between the Sha Tin: Nepia entrance Pampers (yellow to help), curious, king of all child an unknown brand
2, a pharmacy major drug sale, but inventory unstable
3, pregnancy and infant supplies shop in Eugene Club Shop Address
Eugene Club there is the U.S. brand, but the price is very import price! !
4, direct wholesale stores in the milk articles marked
Such shops are mostly sales Kao, Department of King and other Japanese brands, but the product is very well equipped, from newborn babies to pulling pants have

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