qi kung
Fist through the cloud: personal ten boxing. Hijab for the punch, shoulder punch, hips as the fist, buttocks for the punch, elbow punch, knee, punch, fist for fist, palm punch, refers to the punch, enough for the punch, This punch also.
Body of theory to practice, can sport the muscles of the limbs Bai Hai joints, circulation, blood, natural and lively; On the application, can play the function of the ministries of, succeeded eye body step five in three reminders of the effectiveness of advance and retreat Zhuance received random keys to success Gong, Martial Arts features. And palm cloud sensitivity of the machine is the only strength is Lai, punches through the clouds: the gas in the first, the force followed, pubic region Sheng pneumatic foot, also the root of this theorem.
Hun Yuan Qigong, is training the body both the Cheats. The initial physical, deep seeking Zhiyong. Preliminary off the ground when I want to seek deep that I use in chi power lines, and then study the application of this operation hand effort, vulgar that playing bean bag, sand bag, I dare to non-endorsed also.
Buried Quartet pavilion frame in front of the court, coat hook eight, hanging beans capsule eight on the hook, beans, capsule shaped like a watermelon, its pedicle on the kiosk height of about seven feet up and down, bean capsule hanging of high or low, depending on the operating hand sometimes given, the rope attached to the ring, retractable.
High operating head of about five feet, Qi and head to head impact. Cao shoulder height of about four feet, and the shoulder, to fight in order to use the shoulder of minutes before the shoulder, back porch, side shoulders of several. Hip operation, hip, knee high and about two feet and hips, hip Sarkozy, in order to the hips rely on hit, only the hips to play a; hip impact, divided into the left hip, right hip after hip several; knee impact the only knee wind, kneeling on the knee of two kinds, but this power kneeling knee NA. Foot about three feet to the operation, and rib Qi, in order to make full use of kick corpus kick this can refer to the line of the leg in boxing. Operation elbow, fist, palm, referring to about four feet, and the shoulder, or lower half a foot, in order to use the fist, palm, hit the, this can refer to boxing, boxing in the palm of each method line.
But more than 10 boxing, hit bean capsule to be slightly open mouth, tongue volume the micro touching the palate, swallowing air, to be (head, shoulders, hips, buttocks, knee, elbow, fist, palm, fingers, feet) when hit with the bean sac in order to nose exhale, but also to be silently absorbed to want to use part of the gas, injection of gas at random, then the potential Xiong Li Meng, when the provision of easy. Especially boxing bean capsule, not with beans capsule to be virtual grip its fist, can not be forced to be hit bean capsule, and then with the exhale of the trend and clenched its fist, both free setback refers to the disadvantages of wrist bend more have the hardness and softness of power. Practitioners can not I do not know also.
The effort of a year operating hand, random application, also winning censure, while the gas is free to note, solid muscle. For luck, the arm defying hit, order Bibo raised, and immediately the sky of the mind. Due to the daily operation manual operator power, the flesh of space into its natural effort, the intention of luck, even if the drum note to cover.
Such as sleep effort, little progress can be the thoracoabdominal engaged beans capsule, solid pectoral peritoneal. The beginning of practice to force a little light, and gradually increase. To be learning the slightly longer, solid chest and abdomen, went to the operating power, the tractor off the ground men. However, learning this function, exhaled the nose, only to be slightly open its mouth, as usual to speak better. This opening effort, compared with the silent power, with a larger. This is when attention.
Before it as arms bent at the shoulders, arms sets of arm sets, the Department long cord on each side three or four, or five or six or even seven or eight people, pull, exhale as the footwall powerful, not to opened, also extremely by force fitness. Power for the wings of an eagle.
- Excerpt from the alarm, "Hun yuan a qigong"

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