qigong for health
Asian traditional medicine not only cure diseases, to enhance law as a health concern. Recently, the Indian medicine and Islamic traditional medicine in Japan as to improve the health of the natural healing ability has been widely publicized.
In addition, yoga, tai chi, aikido, traditional martial arts as the Health Act and by the attention. Health law have in common is the "breathing". Breathing training, "Qi" is to improve the body energy, promote a healthy source.
Indeed, through the regulation of breathing to relax the body can relieve mental stress, and thus access to health. Human energy to improve the natural ability to heal, fractures, sprains, burns and other speedy recovery examples exist in real life.
Interested in immunology, the impact of mental stress to the human immune system were studied. Results beyond my imagination, and mental stress in all aspects of immune activity, and the aforementioned "laugh 'is exactly the opposite.
Therefore, we know, breathe qigong therapy to the body free from mental stress, thereby enhancing the activity of the organism.
However, if the energy of organisms can play a powerful force for unimaginable, has exceeded the strength of the physiology of common sense, I beg to differ.
Akagi, president of the thick history of Chinese mystical the Health Research Council endorsed the concept of health Wrote in the preamble of his book "Chinese Qigong Health Act (tomasubooks published):

"Only through the 21st century, tired of people due to the mechanical civilization and nature in harmony, to the 'how to live' new discoveries.
The life of human happiness is basic health, access to health can neither rely on medical advances, we can not rely on the development of pharmacology. We will eventually be found that health is a natural life. "
I completely agree. Here, I briefly introduce the "Chinese Qigong Health Act. The walk method is the Health Act "in this narrative:
"First of all, imagine the road straight line, this line to move back straight, lower jaw convergence, focus on the lower abdomen. Feet big toe slightly force, which is ready to action.
Walking and ballroom dancing slow four-step, step right foot, while the upper body slightly to the right.
Breathing is abdominal breathing, breathing the length of time for absorption · stop · spit, try to swing his arms.
This breathing technique known as 'force interest rates' was the beginner breathing can become accustomed to daily in the unconscious breathing method, called the 'Wen interest'. "
Indeed, using this method to properly absorb oxygen, relax, eliminate stress, improve the body energy.
Unfortunately, this book advocates "Qigong therapy can cure all diseases", which I can not understand.
I think improve the health of the natural ability to heal is more likely to be understood, can be scientifically explained.
Oxygen to the metal oxide to make it rust. Aging is the oxidation state of the body. Therefore, do not exercise while blindly "Ha - ha -" shrugs wheezing, so impatient lifestyle inevitable life shortened.
This Chuanda hung in his book "The time of the elephant, the mouse time" (in the public book) said, mammals, regardless of the elephant, mouse or human, life is only 500 million breaths.
Therefore, we should try to slow breathing. Reduce the respiratory rate, lower oxygen consumption is very important.
And also try not to make the inhalation of oxygen in the body into a "reactive oxygen species. Therefore, the daily physical exercise is necessary.
Can not overeat. Insight into the physical signals, slow and eat a small amount of work should leave spare capacity.
This is my "healthy way".

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