qu gong

Bucket gong (also known as support gong, war gong), occurs mainly in Guangdong Chaozhou-Shantou area. For Chaozhou percussion, the Chaoyang flute percussion and Chaozhou accompaniment of. The platter diameter of 38 rim of 6.5 cm, with about 22 cm rectangular wooden mallet percussion. Playing, the left hand grasping the rim of the right hand executive Chui percussion does not beat a gong in the while gong edge, the gong best pronounce Ministry of no gong central, located at the rim of the
Chaozhou drums and the Chaoyang flute percussion percussion per class can be used to octahedral bucket gong. Fixed pitch, but the use of gongs, the pitch to be consistent.
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Gong gong body gong rope, gong mallet three parts. Gong body copper ring copper made ​​it "ringers," said. The structure is relatively simple, the gong takes the shape of a disc-shaped, four weeks fixed in its own borders. Central part of the vibration to pronounce with the gong mallet percussion. General central part of the shiny, known as the umbilical, light, or the Church, is the main part of the pronunciation, size, thickness, and gongs of the umbilical area ratio determines the level of tone, these constitute the main characteristics of the gong. Between the navel and the rim are referred to as the platter, "two" or "toe", generally there is a gong hole drilled in the rim of the side of the Department of gong rope to wear, easy to guide and support or hanging gong rack. Chaozhou drums drumstick before gong mallet, later round development of black wood or red wooden cube black mallet, dedicated for the song gong.

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