qui gong
Contraindications and Notes
(A), contraindications
Patients excessive hunger, overeating, drunkenness and mental overstrain, the prohibition of acupuncture. Medical Education Network has collected
Less abdomen of pregnant women, lumbosacral region, perineum and other body parts have ventilation xue efficacy of acupuncture will produce strong acupuncture points (such as gu, Zusanli, wind pool Huantiao, Sanyinjiao , a sea of ​​blood, etc.), ban acupuncture. Menstrual period to prohibit acupuncture.
(3) patients with severe allergic, infectious skin disease, and suffering from bleeding disorders (such as thrombocytopenic purpura, hemophilia, etc.).
Fontanel in children is not closed top of the head to prohibit acupuncture.
(5) where the Department of the vital organs, such as flank Ministry, back, kidney area, liver should not be piercing the deep thorn; large vessels to go to the line at the subcutaneous veins parts of the acupoints For acupuncture, you should avoid blood vessels, acupuncture obliquely into the acupuncture points.
For children, tetanus, seizures, mania schizophrenia attack of, acupuncture should not stay needle.
(B) Note in the process of acupuncture treatment, patients with mental ill-prepared for various reasons, may occur following unusual circumstances, should be promptly dealt.
A halo pin: fainting is more common abnormalities in the acupuncture treatment, mainly due to patients with mental ill-prepared, excessive tension on the needle, or in the weak state of hunger, fatigue and other patients before acupuncture, or the patient to take the posture is not comfortable, acupuncture techniques unskilled surgeon. If the patient suddenly appeared in the process of acupuncture or needle retention, dizziness, nausea, palpitation, pale, cold sweats and other performance, and you should immediately stop acupuncture, since all the needle retention, so that the patient supine, eyes closed rest, and drink a small amount of warm water, the surrounding environment should be avoided noisy. If severe symptoms can acupuncture among the Neiguan, Zusanli, prime liao points, and promote its recovery. After the above approach, if not effective and heart weakness, breathing is weak, thready and weak pulse, and should take appropriate emergency measures.
In order to prevent the halo needle, the needle with the patient before to explain the role of acupuncture therapy, acupuncture may appear to eliminate the fear of the patients. Excessive hunger, excessive weakness, physical persons, should drink a little water after acupuncture; just engaged in heavy manual workers, should make it a short break after acupuncture.
Effect of Needle; acupuncture line of needles and the needles, the hands of the surgeon stagnation and, pulling in point of the needle body, wrapped feeling that lag needle. Effect of Needle needle body is not easy to lift and thrust, twisting, not easy to pin. Effect of Needle's mainly due to improper acupuncture technique, acupuncture took place in patients with muscle tonic contraction, causing the muscle fibers wrapped in the needle body. Lag needle, do not force the line the needle from the needle. Should be made to the patient relax, and hand massage acupuncture site, local muscle relaxation. And then gently to the beginning of the line of needles in the opposite direction twisting, poppet needle body, and slowly the needle from the
In order to prevent the lag needles, acupuncture should be well explained to the patients, not patients in the acupuncture tension, and wipe the needle body acupuncture before, the non-use of the needle body is not smooth, and even have rust or bend needles. Acupuncture when localized muscle contracture caused by postural movement, should pay attention to the hands of patients who can not leave the needle handle, can be used left hand massage acupuncture site, slow to enable patients to return to the original position, light twist the needle body and outward from the needle, not needle retention. In addition, the line of needle should be careful not to big needle body twisting to one direction to avoid the occurrence of hysteresis in the line needle needle.
3, curved needles: acupuncture needles in acupuncture points in the body, subcutaneous or bent outside the skin, said curved needle. Outside of the curved needle in the skin is due to the needle for other objects, bending, twisting bends. The needles should pay attention to the hand or tweezers to hold the needle body following the live bent needle curved corner, slowly out from the needle. Curved needle under the skin, was found mostly in walking the needle, is due to patients with changes in needle retention, or line needle position, or muscle contracture to acupuncture in the intra-articular bone cracks, two groups of anti- to the contraction of the muscles in the needle body bent. Another is due to the selection of points is not accurate, way too heavy, too fast, so that acupuncture needle bending or tip bent into a hook on the bone tissue can also occur. When the needles bend the needle found in the subcutaneous movements of limbs of the should Shilling patients will be slow to return to the original needle when the posture, proper massage and acupuncture next, with his right hand and hold the needle handle to do the test, minor twisting to find the bending direction of the needle body, the body bent in the direction along the needle from the needle, bent needle Ministry should pay attention to the minor side of the twisting and slowly needle raising massage acupuncture site to reduce the pain. Should not force the needles, in order to avoid the hook to tear the muscle fibers or breakage.
In order to prevent the curved needle, the needle should be preceded by the patient in a position comfortable posture and body relax. Needle retention, the top of the needle handle do not cover heavy clothing, do not touch the needle handle, may not change position or rotation, flexion and extension of limbs.
Broken needle: the needle body part or all broken in the acupuncture points, known as the Broken Needle The common reason is due to needle roots corrosion, broken in acupuncture. Since the break of the pin roots, part of the needle body is still exposed to the outer skin, you can immediately hand or forceps from the residual needle. Another reason is due to lag needle, curved needle improper handling or forced from the pin, causing part of the needle body off in the skin or muscle tissue. Limb should be made to relax and not move position for the subcutaneous Duanzhen can be used left thumb and index finger vertical pressure soft tissue next to the pinhole, subcutaneous the stump of the broken needle out of a pinhole, and his right hand holding the tweezers to pinch off needle stump from the broken needles. If the needle body is broken, you need the help of X-ray positioning, in the deeper parts of the surgical needle.
In order to prevent broken needles, should pay attention to careful examination before acupuncture needle, the needle handle is loose, the needle roots rust, needle had a rigid curved needle should tick abandoned without. Acupuncture, should not have too much force. Patients with needle retention period should not arbitrarily change position when the event of a lag needle, curved needle, should be timely and correct treatment.
Hematoma; cause subcutaneous bleeding after the needle in the acupuncture site to uplift skin, called subcutaneous hematoma. Subcutaneous hematoma, should be an alcohol cotton ball pressure according to the pinhole at the hematoma, gently moment. If the hematoma no longer increases, without treatment. Local skin bruising may be waning. Continue to increase if the above rubbing hematoma, can increase the pressing and cold, and then bandaged, 48 hours later changed to the local hot compress to dissipate blood stasis.
In order to prevent the hematoma should be carefully examined before acupuncture needle tip hook can not be used. Acupuncture must pay attention to carefully look at the subcutaneous blood vessels line, to avoid vascular re-acupuncture.

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