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11,900 athletes and coaches, 3000 referees technology officials, 7000 Reporter, 245 000 staff ...

This is the upcoming opening of the Beijing Olympic Games, its gorgeous behind, there is a neglected figure, that is, during all the games, is expected to consume 13 million food and beverage.

13 million copies, which means an excellent display window, when the Tokyo Olympic Games and Seoul Olympic Games, the organizers take full advantage of the opportunity of the Olympic Games, Japanese food and Korean food has significantly expanded its international influence, as the Chinese food is known as "the world" , the Olympics, of course, is a rare opportunity.

However, from the list of the Beijing Olympic Games, food and beverage providers can be seen, although the BTG finalists, but McDonald's and Aramark accounted for the remaining two seats.

There is no doubt that the Beijing Olympic Games for the Western, yet another event, in contrast, lunch status, and somewhat embarrassing.

This shows that the international large-scale catering enterprises less in the face of international competition, most businesses beyond their grasp; the other hand, can not ignore the lunch own taste, quality to the inheritance Today, many foreign tourists complain about Chinese food is too greasy, "monotonous," "taste spices taste too heavy", which greatly restricted the Chinese food further into the world.

Eight major cuisines became home cooking

"I can not say the country are in the Beijing market, in addition to Cantonese seafood due to the choice of materials, but also retain a certain personality, and other cuisines have become dishes to apply now chef and asked what they opened their mouths Chuan Lu Cantonese, Huaiyang, a cuisine, a person not 4-5 years, not division, the four major branches are not 20 years of work simply can not, I said, you are not Chuan Lu Guangdong Huaiyang just home cooking Feng Peng said.

Although the eight cuisines fame, but when it comes to various features, people will not elaborate. Needless to say today cuisine features have become increasingly blurred, this is a worrying reality.

First, cuisine practice convergence: for example, Shandong, said to produce pay attention to with, but now "grilled vegetables" has very few people can do. Grilled vegetables, mushrooms and stir-fry heart, for example, should a tablespoon in mushrooms and choi sum straighten the overall stir fry, serving what, what is necessary translated in the pan, rape, and mushrooms clear, up and down to practice at least a few months, we are first fried then the code disk, so that heat, taste completely lost the characteristics of the "grilled vegetables".

Taste convergence: the second, between cuisine and Chinese cuisine to speak of a hundred dishes Barilla, but in order to cater to the tastes of diners, and now as hot in the end, the thick red oil sauce, such as "Kung Pao Chicken", Shandong and Sichuan practice is not the same. Baozhen invented the dish are exactly what cuisine has always been there is debate now as long as the chicken and peanuts Scoop together, put the pepper and bean paste, which is called "kung pao chicken, Feng Peng noticed, at least more than 50 percent of the restaurants and even the name of the dish written as "kung pao chicken".

Third, the dishes between personality convergence lost feature: More and more Chinese food, fish-flavored pork, for example, dish There are strict requirements in the selection of shredded bamboo shoots and fungus, otherwise get out of the fish flavor, but today the vast majority of restaurants are using potato silk and other materials instead, the result has been basically can not make a "fish-flavored taste of, and had to fill with spices, and finally simply the result of" sour mouth.

Fourth, the cultural connotations of various cuisines of convergence: Now, in order to adapt to market competition, Beijing is a small restaurant every month to launch innovative dishes, these dishes is basically copy the West by, does not consider the taste, nutrition, etc., as long as the novelty to stimulate the line, then the Health Code chaos made some allusions, Today, 80% of the food in most restaurants are so-called "innovative dishes" taste stimuli, the lack of content.

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