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Today, in the time of writing this article ~ I tangled for a long time. Released in the end, still not released. Because there may affect the business of the many people who dig in to buy a few dollars to tens of dollars on virtual host owner estimates that I took a kitchen knife, but I was under the determination to publish it simply disrupting the market , IDC market reshuffle. Another reason is that the domestic hosting industry pressure breath. So now, many owners are abroad to buy space to domestic policy continue to go on strict. IDC market abroad will be the Chinese owners of the first consumer choices. This trend will make a cheap host earned earthshaking. Therefore, I will comply with the overall situation, so that more owners have a share.
Next, I explain the low-cost virtual host operations.
Actually very simple,
First: the need for a virtual host provider. (Important)
Second: A Chinese control platform, and a website
Third: a dig the Po account, or QQ shopping account
Better have more than three things, you can start a cheap virtual host operating
A lot of people will ask, how do you know?
My answer is: I have already begun my dream of getting rich. Oh, the answer satisfactory?
I mentioned the need for a free web hosting provider is very important. Because that is your weapon, your fundamental survival. I have a free virtual host platform. Note Oh, this is not what agents. Is absolutely free web hosting platform. Is the foreign provider's own R & D background. Order not to affect the interests of those who do cheap virtual host, I do not open this free webhost site.
First of all, I let everyone look at the features of this platform. Because these functions. Cheap host will make money.
I have to tell you about the basic information of the host.
The virtual host can open unlimited user applications. To the user is opening the ceiling of 10GB, 5 FTP accounts can be opened, the binding of a primary domain and the four sub-domains, there are five parked domains. His benefits is that you can in your account to establish an unlimited number of users. Each user can create up to 10GB of space, or free. Remember that this is not an infinite space, and then opened in the same account the site. Each user are independent. You have an independent user-controlled layout to provide to your users.

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