(1) with respect to the purchase of stand-alone server, site construction costs greatly reduced, as the popularity of small and medium-sized web site provides a great convenience;
Low-cost, online information publishing publicity and functional advantages, but its costs low is unthinkable. Radio and television ads in seconds, but the cost is also hundreds of thousands of; newspapers ads are expensive, than the majority of units of personal endurance. Online information to save newspapers print and radio and television stations expensive production costs, the cost is greatly reduced, so the vast majority of individual units to be able to withstand. Cover a wide range of traditional media, regardless of TV, newspapers, radio or light box posters across geographical constraints, only the impact on specific areas. Turnover probability is high for traditional media advertising, the audience is mostly passive acceptance, difficult to produce the effect. The form of lively, the use of multimedia technology, various forms of online information, maps, text, sound, such as the shape of the product, use, use, price, purchase method of information displayed directly in front of the user. With real-time, businesses can change the advertising content at any time according to market needs, flexible and convenient. More importantly, corporate and institutional users, which is currently the most money, convenient and practical way.
(2) the use of virtual mainframe technology can be a real host is divided into many "virtual" host, each virtual host has a separate domain name and IP address with a complete Internet server functions. Completely independent of the virtual host, exactly the same as the outside, each virtual host and a separate host. The same effect, but the cost is not the same. Multiple virtual hosts to share the resources of a real host, each virtual host the user to bear the cost of hardware and network maintenance costs, the cost of communication lines are significantly reduced, the Internet has truly become affordable for everyone to network. At present, many companies create a site using this method, so that not only saves the cost of the purchase of machinery and leased line, server management server, such as software configuration, anti-virus, anti-attack and other security measures by the professional services provided by greatly simplifies the complexity of server management; also do not have to worry about the technical problems for the use and maintenance of the server, without hiring a dedicated management staff.
(3) site construction efficiency improved, to buy their own server to install the operating system and application software require a longer time, renting a virtual host usually only takes a few minutes can be opened, because the major service providers have the entire business The process of e-commerce, select the virtual host that suits your needs, online payments immediately after the opened.
(4) the emergence of the virtual host, is a significant contribution to the development of Internet technology and network, multiple virtual hosts to share a real host of resources, has greatly increased the utilization of servers and communications lines, making a single server can There is no conflict to configure multiple network IP address, which means that people are able to use virtual hosts to build a number of sites with separate domain names on a single server, no longer have to build a site to purchase a separate server and use the giant application for funding green as the export of network information. Now, the majority of domestic and foreign enterprises establishment this server hard disk space leased (virtual host), the benefits of the virtual host is not only significant savings in the cost of buying a server and leased line, but also do not have to use and maintain the server the technical issues to worry about, other do not have to have a dedicated server management.
(5) low cost and high utilization of the virtual host data center virtual host, quickly attracted a small and medium enterprises. In order to meet the increasingly fierce international competitive business environment after China's entry into the WTO, to speed up the application of investment, income, online trading platform, to enhance the intensity of e-commerce, corporate Internet and other information construction, web hosting Jianzhan improve enterprise competitiveness an important means of force.

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