traditional acupuncture
Acupoint catgut embedding therapy is thousands of years of experience in Chinese medicine and acupuncture and 30 years of catgut embedding therapy experience the essence blend from a new disciplines, the indications are very widespread, especially unhealed governance of Chinese and Western medicine Jiu many chronic diseases incurable diseases. often unexpected magical effect, played by the therapeutic effect equivalent to the efficacy of acupuncture dozens, which has the advantage of quick, long-term effects of certain chronic diseases difficult disease to stand the test of practice, and fewer treatment little pain. Acupoint catgut implantation is superior to the efficacy of a variety of medical technology.
Catgut implantation at acupoint catgut or other absorbable suture body acupuncture points implantation. Medical catgut buried under the guidance of the acupuncture meridian theory, the corresponding point area, durable, soft to stimulate acupuncture points through a variety of factors to achieve a way to dredge the meridian qi and blood to treat diseases.
Catgut implantation at acupoint catgut in the body, softening, decomposition, liquefaction and absorption, on the point of physiological, physical, and chemical stimulation for up to 20 days or longer, on the point of a slow, soft, durable, benign "Long acupuncture effect, long-term dredge meridian role, reach deep satisfied and stay for long, to cure ills" effect. Acupoint catgut embedding, once every 20 to 30 days of treatment to avoid a longer period of time, trouble and pain of daily acupuncture to reduce the number of visits. Thus, the acupoint catgut embedding is a long, low-pain acupuncture, it is especially suitable for a variety of chronic, intractable disease, and time is tight and the fear of acupuncture pain.
Acupoint catgut embedding therapy is an extension and development of acupuncture, with a special one-time medical devices to the human body can absorb the carrier of catgut (15 days or so self-absorbed) implanted in the corresponding points, a long time to stimulate acupuncture points, play Spleen Qi, clear the meridians, the yin and yang, qi and blood, "the role of patients with autonomic and endocrine functions in order to adjust to physical illnesses, health and beauty purposes, a treatment. Catgut implantation once the equivalent of acupuncture 10 times or dozens of lasting effect consolidated, convenient and time saving.
Acupoint catgut embedding method is a modified acupuncture, but also a long-term acupuncture, this treatment is mainly for the treatment of acne, melasma that is, sub-health, obesity and body fatigue syndrome, facial and neck wrinkles, insomnia , constipation, menopausal syndrome, adapt to the working pressure is relatively large, relatively fast modern pace of life.

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