traditional chinese acupuncture
With traditional Chinese practices Song (ACUPUNCTURE 100015) practice is an ancient method for humans to treat diseases, is an important part of the treasure-house of the motherland medicine, is the experience of our people in the long-term life and production practices to combat the illness. Plays an important role in the treatment of orthopedic practices a wide range of clinical applications, such as fracture, dislocation of the entire complex, injured tendons (soft tissue injury), Shujin, Tom Lee joint, internal injury of qi and blood are required application practices, become an important method in the treatment of orthopedic One practices with characteristics: (1) work quickly to relieve pain and restore function fast. (2) simple, two-handed treatment, regardless of location. (3) wide range of indications, such as fracture, dislocation, tendon injury, bone and joint degeneration, internal injuries and injury sequelae. (4) easy to learn. (5) economic. The development of the Chinese practices of history 2.1 In ancient times human beings in order to survive the struggle with nature, subject to the site of injury pain, touch to ask to eliminate the pain, the treatment of soft tissue injury through repeated practice, stroking techniques. 2.2 Spring and Autumn Period (770 BC -221 years) during this period, our medical literature of the earliest books, "Yellow Emperor", which documented the generation of massage techniques, content, role and modus operandi. 2.3 Sui Dynasty with massage Dr. Indications injury. Chao Yuan-Fang compiled the Zhu treat patients on the practices of the damage the disease were recorded. 2.4 Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907), Tang Dynasty, orthopedic formed a specialist, specialized staffing, ......

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