Health law is based on the development of life, to take able to maintain health, reduce disease and promote health, longevity means, the health care activities.

Health (also known as the regimen, said Health) The term was first seen in "Zhuangzi" Inner Chapters. The so-called Health is life, survival, growth, meaning; so-called raising the maintenance, nursed back to health, culture, nourishing, nursing meaning. Health by nourishing the spirit, tone diet, training the body, be careful intercourse, appropriate cold temperature, and other methods to achieve, a comprehensive physical longevity activities.

Traditional Chinese Health under the guidance of TCM theory, exploration and the study of Chinese traditional take care of themselves physically and mentally, and enhance physical fitness, disease prevention, longevity of the theories and methods, and guidance of this theory and methods of practical science of people's health activities.

Since ancient times, the theory and methods of health called "good health". For example, "Su asked the ancient naive," said: "on the Gu Zhiren its law of yin and yang, and the number of patients, food and drink festival, there are often personal, do not make any rash of labor, and it could be shaped with God both do its natural span, a hundred degrees is to go ". Here is health. Can the health and longevity, not only is the ability to understand and good health, but more important is whether the regimen consistently applied to everyday life. Family health history due to their own practice and experience, their good health in the static God, move the shape, fine solid, breathing, dietary and bait, etc. have focused on their own merits. Schools from the academic point of view, but also Taoist, Confucian, health, medical home health, the health of Buddhism and martial arts home health points, they are explained from different angles, the health theories and methods, enrich the contents of the health science.

Under the guidance of TCM theory, the health science to absorb the essence of each school, made a series of health principle. Plus-shaped God, support, and coordination of yin and yang, in harmony with nature, and the diet to restore prudent living and tune organs unobstructed meridian abstinence Paul essence, Qi and the interest rate adjustment, movement appropriate to make rule-based health activities, law according to. For example, the dietary regimen emphasized dietary, food festival, food to avoid food ban; drug care, attention to drug dependent, drug treatment, avoid drugs, such as drug ban; traditional exercise and take care of the range of reactive species, such as dynamic power Tai Chi boxing, Ba Duan Jin, Yi Jin Jing, five from play, health work, the static power relaxation function within the power of raising, strong power, meaning qigong, infuriating run; movement combined with the power to free the fresh power, the shape of God piles, regardless of the election to learn the kind of exercises, as long as the exercises are successfully implemented, sustained, can receive health and disease prevention, longevity effect. Acupuncture, massage, massage, cupping, are also convenient and easy, the effect is significant. Such as these not only by the Chinese people love, and Far EasTone around the world, has made its due contribution to the cause of the health of all mankind.

TCM theory emphasizes the health of the human body. Coordination among the five internal organs, achieved through interdependence and mutual restraint, Health and restraint. Animate system can maintain a dynamic equilibrium, in order to guarantee the smooth progress of the physiological activities.

The organs of the physical, "Tibet", "diarrhea" in an orderly of its features. The five internal organs metaplasia and storage of fine, God, gas, blood, body fluid as the main physiological functions; six internal organs is by Sheng and Biography of Water Valley, and excretion of the dross of its physiological functions. Tibet, diarrhea properly, the body only adequate source of nutrition to ensure that the activities of normal life. Any link failure will affect the overall activities of life and disease.

The organs collaborative on the physiological significance of its role in the health. From a health perspective, the coordination of organs is achieved through a series of health means and measures.Coordinated meaning roughly twofold: First, strengthen the internal organs of synergy and enhance the vitality of the body metabolism.Correction, when the occasional disharmony between the organs to be adjusted to correct the deviation. These two aspects, as one of the guiding principles of health, and implementing various health approaches, such as: four seasons health emphasized Spring Liver, Xia Yang Xin, Xia Yang, spleen, autumn Yangfeihuoxue, winter Yang Shen; mental health in stressed ease of mind, emotions and the avoid The Goshi over extreme harm to the five internal organs; stressed the flavors harmonize, must not be too biased, etc., are followed to coordinate the organs of this guiding principle and concrete implementation of the diet regimen. Another example: the sixth tactic "in the exercise and take care," Ba Duan Jin, Wuqinxi "power law, but also to enhance the function of organs for the purpose of group Code. Therefore, the coordination of the organs is one of the guiding principles of health science, should be paid enough attention. 

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