typical chinese diet of
A typical happy day (Sanlu edition) woke up this morning opened a black heart quilts, open to buy a suit to send the Grand Prize refurbished TV (with a Grand Prize presented with the newspaper Lotteries) TV which forecasters say good air quality, looked at, oh, the yellow of the sun! Not with anti-acid rain raincoat today, after getting up, put on in Wal-Mart to buy clothes carcinogen "decomposable aromatic amine dyes, then put on the carcinogenicity of PCE dry cleaning in the laundry off suit, I feel a little fragrant body and the eyes a bit spicy, just free use can cause infertility male fragrance, our eyes immediately sparkle, pick up the toothbrush to squeeze a point contain chemicals triclosan toothpaste, make it with a chlorine disinfection of water in the oral exposure may be carcinogenic chloroform. Said the morning to eat well, and brushing their teeth with carcinogenic toothpaste and then washing the face in a towel containing benzidine, red cup with melamine "pollution" of milk, eat the root detergent diesel-fried fritters dip point Sudan red pepper sauce, by the way, again, and got a bowl of rubbing oil containing poisonous rice and preserved egg porridge preserved eggs boil in a large number of lead oxide chemical raw materials point pickled add sauerkraut, mustard, of course, you want the folder. Hit a burp, bring order to cope with the traffic police spend 10 dollars for a helmet to go out, ride just for a good cheap brand-name brake pads motorcycle to work carefully.
To the company, took out the cottage phone looked, just arrive on time and gave her a cup of E. coli exceeded the bottled water began to work, worked in the morning and not table. Quickly went to lunch, the afternoon to see a few large customers, so the department heads to eat a working lunch for the leadership of confidential briefings noon, certainly can not drink, had a few random points on a dog cooker containing potassium cyanide, lean pork and 78 kinds of chemical raw materials bubble root sprouts fried a bean sprouts, meat, ordered two chicken skin, duck neck skin pig meat dumplings, two cans of the Secretary for the mouth of musicians to drink.
To see customers through leadership coaching, confidence, and thirsty to talk to them one afternoon, has been Helehaoji bottle of water when the water quality Master Kong mineral water. But finished talking expressed a new willingness to cooperate, the boss listened to report very happy, nature is the boss of host dinner, before a meal per person drink a glass of added lead chrome green pigments Biluochun green tea to a spot film alkali, sodium metabisulfite, talc sauteed pine nuts, and seeds of talcum powder, paraffin. Dinner on the rich, dichlorvos soaked Jinhua ham, chicken legs, soup, thousands of people rinse and then filtered of marked oil and injection of beef cooked with boiled beef, peppers eel piece of contraceptives fatten, caustic soda expansion formaldehyde fresh soy Yujuan, stained carmine barbecued pork, with 78 kinds of western medicine and the dead cat dead dog dead duck feeding of steamed crabs, employing urine soaked the fresh garlic shrimp, and then point the two hogwash fried excessive pesticide green vegetables on a few bottles of female stockings "filter" out "15 years Maotai and two cases of excessive sweeteners, synthetic pigment red wine, the staple food ate bleaching agent benzoyl peroxide, super- The amount of bread, the last on a fruit plate, and reminders with hormone ripening strawberries Xian monkey peach, apple, watermelon.
Night a few friends call again about supper, can not afford to push all the blame, point in the food stalls, a paraffin coagulant expected at the end of Chongqing hot pot, with a some "dithionite", "Basic Green bubble of green fresh seaweed, sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate produced yuba, cattle blood Gaja nitrate posing duck, rice noodles containing carbolic acid, with the lymph nodes of the pork sausages. Dinner is really a heavy meal, take sulfur smoked white hydrogen peroxide, sodium sulfate and soak the white talcum powder dry polishing chopsticks a few pieces of stool cook tofu, eat the lamb of several strings of diseased pigs and cat meat production The string of barbecue, talk to them to touch a few glasses of formaldehyde beer left.
Go back to feeling very tired, dizziness, insomnia, eating a few pieces of glutinous rice flour, sleeping pills, useless, thought it was a cold morning, the company took leave of absence to drink the cold of the carcinogenic chemicals diethylene glycol replacement glycerol syrup a day, did not see improved, so boil for a few days, the headache is worse, but also nausea, weakness, sweating, vomiting, diarrhea, had to go to the hospital, repeated recycling of disposable infusion drips, useless, the doctor had to spend the QI drug production of drugs, or useless! The last consultation, and recommendations to the United States of one of the most comprehensive examination, the fda (m States Food and Drug Administration) experts to find the exact reason.
One can get to go abroad, suddenly excited: I determined not to go abroad! I was born in China, the death of a Chinese ghost, I want to be a pure

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