Since May Webhostingpad host high-profile launch of Chinese station and Alipay service also officially entered the host camp. In fact, early in China before its in the international market has a high visibility. This accumulation of well-known not only thanks to its standard of service has a high reputation, thanks to its host market has created the myth of cheap. 
Virtual host highlight the low-cost characteristics 
Although the products on the mainframe market is innovation, but from the consideration of the establishment of the station costs, account for half of the virtual host in the market. Users to buy virtual host fancy low-cost characteristics, therefore, the virtual host to enhance the market competitiveness of the price we must take the absolute advantage. Webhostingpad host adhering to provide customers with the best hosting solutions of the purpose, and also introduced two cost-effective web host package. Power Plan packages have unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth and free domain name and free website builder, presented low as $ 1.99 / month. Power Plan Plus, another virtual host packages, although the price is slightly higher, but at only $ 3.99 / month. And exciting is that the packages have the gift of free domain and free website builder, also has a free SSH access, free SSL certificate and a free and independent IP presented. Order two virtual host packages with discount code greatchina15 and greatchina25 can discount $ 15 and $ 25, is obviously great value. 
Virtual host to show the high performance qualities of 
Cheap no good merchandise here in Webhostingpad, obviously it is not established, because the virtual host is not only low prices, but also has high performance. First of all, its world-class data center, the host computer room set up in the country visit the fastest, California, United States, the engine room are made of high-quality brands of equipment, you can protect the user site with 99.9% of the online running time. Secondly, the e-commerce functionality is powerful, not only to provide round-the-clock server security monitoring, and advanced firewall services, but also provides OS Commerce Shopping Cart, Password Protected Directories and open source PGP / GPG encryption services. In addition, the electricity provider of data security needs, its also provides weekly data backup service. Finally, it is worth mentioning that the virtual host is equipped with the powerful cPanel panel, with this panel, users can easily manage their own website. And for the convenience of the user establishment of the station, also offers hundreds of template web design software patents sitebuilder. In short, the virtual host performance is very excellent. 
The domestic hosts have to compete for market share, price competition, however, very few hosting providers in terms of both price and performance can be taking into account, so Webhostingpad virtual host to maintain the advantages of low-cost high-performance on the basis of Obviously it is a miracle in the virtual host on the market. With these two prominent advantages Webhostingpad virtual host will be able to fast in China, played one of their own sky.
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