what is qi gong
Qigong (prana successful) is a breathing adjustment, the adjustment of the adjustment of physical activity and awareness (the interest rate adjustment, tune-shaped, self-aligning) as a means to physical fitness, disease prevention, health and sickness, the development potential for the purpose of a physical and mental exercise. A wide variety of qigong can be divided into dynamic power and static power. Dynamic power of qigong-based physical activity, such as guidance sent to the dynamic power, is characterized by emphasis on the combination with the emotional body operation. Static power refers to the body does not move, rely on the awareness, breathing, self-control qigong. Most qigong method is static and white. Religion, the Taoist priests often practice guidance, elixir qigong, Buddhism, meditation, meditation also contains qigong. Qigong is often with the martial arts or meditation practice. Practicing acupuncture, Chinese medicine is also often practice qigong to improve efficacy.

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