Four seasons health care ancient home health attaches great importance to the Four Seasons health, and left a large number of sophisticated discourse. Book in the Spring and Autumn Period, the "Yellow Emperor" made ​​it clear that "must shun four o'clock suitable summer and winter," the health requirements and the spring and summer Yang Yang, Winter Yin "four o'clock health principles, and discusses the spring support" raw "all seasons, summer support "long", the fall of raising "revenue", the winter raising "Tibet" health.
Book-based Four Seasons line, closely linked to the change of timing of spring, summer, autumn and winter, warm cool cold seasons climate change, a more systematic introduction to the spirit of each season nursed back to health, diet, seasonal fruits and vegetables, health bait for Disease Control and Prevention, Qigong massage and beauty and knowledge, involving the basic necessities of life, work, play in various aspects.

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