4 seasons swim
April is a small off-season in Sanya travel tickets hotel prices are also relatively favorable in April is not hot, fun swim in the sea are very good.
Sanya Tours classic play lines recommended:
First day of the participants: Nanshan Nanshan ends of the earth:
Nanshan Temple Buddha Scenic, a distance of 108 meters Avalokitesvara in the South China Sea, near flowers of nearly 200 million yuan to build fine, "Kim Yu Guanyin" bow down to pray for peace and happiness, the ends of the earth to experience the world known to spread the universal deep culture, feelings of ancient culture of this express feelings
To participate in the next day: outdoor luxury yachts deep sea diving Value Package - East Island Happy Journey 280 yuan / person:
 Take the yacht out to sea tourism and fishing fishing port tourist scuba diving
To participate in the third day: Yanoda tropical rain forest:
In the tropical rain forests the world an insight into the varied and experience the rainforest of tropical rain forest vegetation ecological treasure trove of colorful, another interesting development activities can also choose to participate in riding the waterfall swimming
To participate in the fourth day: the centipede Island South Tin hot spring:
List of on the island lover paradise of beautiful natural scenery (optional island motorboat, drag parachute and diving and other self-financed items) Islands went to the south field, experience in the beautiful gardens nestled fish kiss the delicate feel
Participate in projects and in chronological order based on freedom to choose their own arrangements
Some do not understand what can continue to the online consultation, to assist you. I wish you a happy holidays!

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