activities in care homes
Investment, protection, entrepreneurship? Do not worry, like a good plan, the same can be well-organized.
To Qiushi 31-year-old residence: Beijing
Occupation: part-time, but will soon become a beverage shop manager
Monthly income (before taxes): part-time income 8000-10000 yuan
Characteristics: with a favorite cause and a steady source of income; let the children grow up healthy, independent living worry-free.
Divorce a year and a half, Zhang Qiu and 3-year-old son living together. The child's father to pay $ 1,000 a month alimony, but a growing child needs more than just that.
"There is a happy family, business is stable and orderly." Zhang Qiu had expected. Now, she leaves home to take care of their children. "I did not give a complete children's home, already owe him, I would like to spend with his children." Zhang Qiu previously in human resources management department for 11 years, leaving before the HR manager of a department store.
Years of work experience and resources to do a part-time, per month is about 8000 yuan commission income Daozhang of. Wages prior to the accumulation of plus to sell the benefits of the original property, there are about 89 million yuan of funds retention. She was the diversification of investments, also fry stocks. Look fairly well-off economically.
She is not small pressure. Moved back home to live together with their parents - which can not only save money, so they help care for their children, accompanied by relatives so that Zhang Qiu was a sense of security, but Zhang Qiu, "still will not deliberately limit spending, the basic monthly out clear state. " Fuel costs, parking fees, more expensive, the car cost new for the previous three times; own only child, will parents go to the supermarket to buy like jujube table arrangement and procurement of the first 500 yuan consumption benchmark. She had to raise children.
Have to consider the issue of income generation. The existing 89 million yuan, of course not enough to protect their children's education and their pension. More importantly, the children in the second half started kindergarten, she hopes to start a new career.
More often, she worried about is the healthy growth of children. "Only child and his father have the opportunity to visit when you get along with, I'm afraid the child character develop there will be less than the growth, he will find that the differences of their own family, how to guide him to the formation of a healthy mind?" Her heart is still contemplating the child September to go to kindergarten, public or private? is close to home, or fame spanned? "These are not clear.
Zhang Qiu and friends with children traveling or outdoor activities, the beginning of the year just went to Hainan to play in a circle. They together now been to several provinces and cities, Zhang Qiu think this can expand the child perspective. However, this natural need to budget.

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