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Home ventilator
Provide help for sleep-disordered breathing
Referring to the ventilator, I am afraid that many people feel this is just the things that will be used in the intensive care unit or the Department of Respiratory Medicine. If the one about 30 cm square box in front of you, I am afraid not many people will it and ventilator, but it was currently more widely used home ventilator.
Beijing Tiantan Hospital, Department of Respiratory Medicine, MD, deputy director of the Liu Ying said that the basic principles of the ventilator is to create a pressure-assisted breathing, making breathing more smooth. Home ventilator used in sleep apnea syndrome in patients with sleep apnea conditioning, chronic lung disease in non-invasive ventilation and relieve asthma caused by respiratory failure. Sleep apnea syndrome is often manifested as short-term breathing of snoring and sleep suspended, the issue has been ignored, that is just snoring. In fact, sleep apnea, recurrent hypoxemia, hypercapnia may make the patient to systemic dysfunction, many patients with severe choose to use home ventilator treatment.
According to product research and development of CLC, the home ventilator for different patients function more and more refined, but at the same time, the operation is more simple. Even after these household products like household appliances as simple to use, to help patients manage their own sleep. At present, the most advanced home breathing machine will be equipped with a special software to record the breathing of patients with sleep, so that communication between doctors and patients more convenient. Intelligent alarm system will automatically identify the phenomenon of apnea, breathing to help provide a more timely manner for patients.
Easy-to-use, a new generation of ventilators in detail has become more humane. Smaller size, lighter weight and smaller noise so that users can comfortably use the home ventilator during sleep, the improvement of the humidity also increases the user's comfort.

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