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In general, the infant's body temperature below 35 ℃ is called the temperature did not rise, known as a fever above 37 ℃.
    Child is ill, fever, although it is a physiological defense phenomena, but the excessive heat and prolonged fever can increase the consumption of protein and vitamins, resulting in the human circulatory, nervous, endocrine, digestive system disorders, especially children with convulsions hyperthermia is also easy to cause . Convulsions on the brain is extremely unfavorable. So, do heat the baby's care is very important. The parents may wish to do the following:
    Let the children pay attention to rest. Systemic metabolic activity when the fever increased, consumption increased, while the rest can alleviate the burden on the body, which is conducive to a speedy recovery.
    Reduce clothes. Adult fever will feel the body chills, and generally more clothes, or quilt over his sweating, infants and young children should not be. Infants and young children mainly rely on skin cooling, but the sweat gland development is not perfect, if the heat is scattered out, body temperature will rise further. Therefore, infant fever should be appropriate to reduce clothes until the body temperature to reduce and then increase.
    Add water. Fever, breathing speed up, increasing consumption, fever sweating more, allows a large number of body water is lost, and therefore a timely manner to the child watering, to prevent dehydration occur. Add moisture to help cool the benefits.
    Oral care. The heat can make the decrease in saliva secretion, then the mouth of the bacteria will multiply, coupled with lack of vitamins, the body defenses are weakened, which can easily cause inflammation of the mouth. Parents should pay attention to clean sick child oral, the method is: cleansing with sterile gauze dipped in saline solution, 3-4 times a day.
    Cooling treatment. Where fever or had convulsions, history and with irritability children, do cool processing. Under the guidance of a doctor taking antipyretics can be cold: small piece of towel soaked in cold water and wrung out, put in baby forehead, armpit, thigh, and must be promptly replaced. Can also be directly ice pack in the baby's forehead. Alcohol wipe: with gauze soaked in lower concentrations of alcohol, and then wring gently wipe the baby's limbs, armpit, thigh. General wipe 10-15 minutes. However, newborns should not use alcohol to wipe methods.
    Dietary health. Fever, gastrointestinal motility weakened, children are often poor appetite, so easily lead to digestion and absorption barriers. At this time, to give digestible, low-fat diet, such as porridge, soup, noodles and the like, do not force fed high-fat, high protein food.
    Finally, a reminder that, through the above measures, the child's temperature is still not controlled at below 38 ℃, it should go to hospital for treatment, so as not to delay treatment.

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