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 Family doctor, the people called "community family physicians now, the city's many community health service centers provide a" family doctor "site service to establish health records for residents of long-term follow-up, hypertension, diabetes and other chronic diseases. Reporters yesterday on the medical institutions of the city only one was named provincial demonstration - Shashi District, Zhongshan community health service center visits. "To provide convenience for the residents, I am grateful to them." Who lives in the cotton mills quarters of Shashi District Shek Tong Elderly said a few days ago, Shashi District, Jingzhou City, Zhongshan community health service center of the doctors take the initiative to come to her blood pressure measurement. Shek Tong Ying She has over 70 years old, walking, and needs the wheelchair, so it is rarely go to the hospital, do not know for their own health, community health service centers, doctors take the initiative to come to her blood pressure measurement while also left a phone number. The doctors said, the elderly who need medical services, they will keep coming.
    Shashi Zhongshan District Community Health Center Director Liu Anhui, Jingzhou City, the "family doctor" services have long carried out, covering almost the entire Jingzhou City. It is understood that the Zhongshan community has established a "grid" service agencies, and the formation of a professional team of doctors, medical services to residents of the home, and made ​​gratifying achievements. At present, the community health service centers take-home survey, the family unit, category management for the specific circumstances of the residents, the residents of the various types of health information for the residents to establish a complete health records, and to keep residents provide on-site service.

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